Affordable Christmas Tree Skirts For The Perfect Touch To Your 2022 Holiday Decor

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There are loads of Christmas tree styles to take inspiration from, whether your vibe is monochromatic Christmas trees or classic red and green. You may want your Christmas tree to look like a pro decorated it or prefer a cozy homemade look instead. Either way, a tree skirt will provide the perfect finishing touch to your carefully decorated tree.

As stated by House Beautiful, a tree skirt will help create a "complete, harmonious look" and be "the perfect backdrop for beautifully wrapped Christmas presents." 

Another major benefit of tree skirts is that they help cover the less aesthetic aspects of a tree base, real or fake, as well as prevent a mess from needles. However, as pointed out by Christmas Tree Skirts, you should always ensure that your skirt won't impact any cables or wires so your finished look is both beautiful and fire-safe. 

Since they serve a dual purpose, you may think tree skirts must have to be expensive to look good. This isn't the case at all, though — there are plenty of choices that will fit in your budget so you can spend more on presents for your loved ones.

These tree skirts will make everything feel cozier

If you're trying to save money this year, this adorable silver snowflake tree skirt from Walmart is a great option. Obsessed with Hallmark movies? Hallmark set designer Samantha Twist gives this skirt her seal of approval, calling it "a cute, more modern tree skirt that still has a homey feel with the stars embroidered onto it" (via The Strategist). It's available in two sizes, with the smaller size costing just under $20 and the larger size retailing at $25.

If you love the look of plaid holiday pajamas, why not carry on the theme with this plaid Christmas tree skirt from L.L.Bean? Retailing for $69.95, this skirt's classic plaid print is "a quintessential Christmas pattern" (via Insider). Its quilted design is finished with luxe velveteen binding and lined with cotton and polyester. Plus, you'll be able to create a smooth look under the tree due to this skirt's included hook-and-loop closures. You can also add a special touch via personalization, which allows you to monogram a name or word up to 10 letters.

You don't have to spend a fortune to achieve a festive look

Another faux fur pick, this charming white fluffy skirt from Amazon will make any room feel instantly more luxurious. Per People, this skirt is soft to the touch, which, in turn, will create a warm and welcoming ambiance in your room. It comes in two sizes, either 36 or 48 inches, making it suitable for both smaller and larger trees. Retailing at $21.99 for the smaller size or $23.99 for the larger option, it's a brilliant choice if you want to tone things down this year without sacrificing style.

Also from Amazon, this stunning sequin tree skirt made of satin mesh will add some major sparkle and shine to your Christmas tree. It's available in seven finishes, including glimmering champagne and shimmering iridescent white, and includes a hook-and-eye closure to keep it in place (via Simplemost). Ranging from 24 to 48 inches, the price starts at $11.30 and goes up to $17.30.