Brooke Elliott And Brandon Quinn Say A Country Christmas Harmony Is A 'Unique' Holiday Film - Exclusive

Actors Brooke Elliott and Brandon Quinn are no strangers to viewers of Netflix drama "Sweet Magnolias," and the two reunited for Lifetime's "A Country Christmas Harmony." In the new holiday movie, Elliott stars as country singer Chrissy Kessler, a one-time superstar whose career has seen better days. In hopes of boosting her popularity and getting her back on top, her record label sends her back to her hometown to perform in a heartwarming Christmas concert. 

It's there that she unexpectedly bumps into Luke Covington (Quinn), her former beau and one-time partner in an up-and-coming vocal duo, who still hasn't gotten over Chrissy abandoning him to pursue a solo career all those years ago. When circumstances beyond their control force them together, the spark that once attracted them begins to catch fire. In an exclusive interview with The List, Elliott and Quinn opened up about why "A Country Christmas Harmony" differs from typical made-for-TV holiday romances.

Why A Christmas Country Harmony is more like an indie movie

According to star Brooke Elliott, "A Country Christmas Harmony" probes some themes that may be a bit deeper than those seen in your average made-for-TV holiday movie. "It is a very sweet, very fun movie with some fantastic music — and a great love story, and a story about returning home and coming back to yourself and your own sense of who you are," she explained. 

What I loved about our movie is that it did have other progressive beats in it ... Not that there aren't in other movies — I certainly wouldn't say that — but for our characters, there were definitely some authentic things that many people in life could identify with what our two particular characters were going through, Elliot told The List. I loved how progressive it was. I loved the little changes to the story that this particular one had. Brandon and I have talked about it in the fact that it read and felt more like an indie film in ways — that was enticing for both of us. Not to speak for Brandon, but I know he feels that way."

Brandon Quinn added, "This movie is unique because there are different stories being told. It's a story of love and forgiveness, and going through hard things and discovering what's within us to overcome those and allow them to help us to grow and become better people. There's a lot that can be taken from this film.

"The script was appealing to me because of everything [she] just said. It felt a little bit different than the other movies that I've been a part of in the genre. It felt like an indie film, and it felt relationship-and character-driven, and that was a fun aspect to play ... we talked about that throughout the whole experience, how it felt a little different, and it was fun to be a part of that."

"A Country Christmas Harmony" aired Friday, November 18 at 8 p.m. ET/7 p.m. CT on Lifetime.