How Many Kids Does Mitt Romney Have?

Love him or dislike him, Senator Mitt Romney is one politician who has made a name for himself. He first made his way into the spotlight when he was the governor of Massachusetts from 2003 to 2007. But his name became renowned worldwide when the former governor made the decision to run for president in 2008 and 2012. According to Romney's official senate website, both runs were unsuccessful, but he would go on to run for and win a seat in Senate in 2018.


Before Mitt Romney was a famous politician, his wife Ann Romney was there supporting him. The two actually met long before politics were a concern for either of them. According to Archives, Mitt and Ann met as children in elementary school where Mitt would tease his future wife by throwing pebbles at her. After a lapse in communication, they would meet again as adults. They married in 1969.

Now the schoolyard sweethearts are seen by many as being the face of the Republican party. They also have kids of their own — and how many just might surprise you.

Mitt Romney has five kids

You're not reading that wrong — yes, Mitt Romney and his wife Ann have a total of five kids together. According to a piece published by the Boston Globe, all five of their children are male, making Ann the sole female in the house as the boys were being raised. From oldest to youngest, their sons' names are Taggart, Matthew, Josh, Benjamin, and Craig.


On her Twitter profile, Ann proudly shares that she is a mother of five boys. She also notes that she is grandmother to a whopping total of 25 grandchildren. She's not the only one crazy over her grandkids. In a 2012 interview with Max Roth of Fox 13 News, Josh Romney explained to the host that being a grandfather is what drives his father's political decisions.

"He loves those grandkids," Josh said. "It's his grandkids who are gonna have to face the penalty for [the debt crisis] so he's fighting for kids of that generation to make sure they have the same America."

Mitt Romney's kids have also been involved in politics

While former president Donald Trump has shared his distaste for Mitt Romney and his political decisions, Romney's sons were inspired by their dad. They have also found their way into politics.

Romney's eldest son Taggart, who goes by Tagg, has six kids of his own, according to his Twitter profile. Between being a husband, father, and businessman, Tagg also found time to be heavily involved in helping each of his father's political campaigns. He traveled to many swing states including Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin to speak to potential Romney voters (via The Conway Daily Sun).


Josh Romney, who you might recognize from his menacing stare meme, was also a big help during his father's campaigns. According to CNN, the middle Romney son even considered running for governor of Utah in 2020. He has since moved on to other ventures but keeps his community and country in mind. Per Points of Light, he is the current president of The Romney Group, which owns a number of businesses throughout the United States.