The Sitcom Star Who Made A Dangerous Arrival On The Price Is Right Stage

There isn't a game show quite like "The Price Is Right." The flashy, fun-filled show has been on the air since 1972 and is always a good time for contestants and viewers. It's no wonder that host Drew Carey and the show have won awards for their crowd-pleasing formula of creative games and thrilling prizes. But when you're the longest-running game show of all time, you're bound to have some hilarious slip-ups. Even former host Bob Barker had a humiliating moment on "The Price Is Right." But that's just the nature and charm of live television — you never know what might happen next.

Some of our favorite episodes of "The Price Is Right" are when celebrity guests show up. That's because having someone on the show who might not know the ropes as well as the crew does usually means something's going to happen that's completely off-script, like the moment captured in this YouTube video where an overexcited contestant nearly tackled announcer George Gray.

Although you probably recognize her from the sitcom she starred in, you may not know that this famous television mother also made quite a stir when she appeared on "The Price Is Right."

Florence Henderson and her personal trainer crashed a car onstage

Who better to have as a guest star on your Mother's Day Special episode than the greatest mother in television history?

Florence Henderson is best known for her role as Carol Brady on the popular show "The Brady Bunch." The hit 70s show was definitive of its time and has produced many spinoffs, including an HGTV special about renovating the original Brady house (via People). You can imagine the excitement of the contestants when they saw Henderson arrive on stage during the 2012 Mother's Day Special of "The Price Is Right."

The show was going smoothly until things took a hilarious turn. Carol Brady may have had all the answers on "The Brady Bunch," but there was no way to dodge her mishap on "The Price Is Right" that day. According to Yahoo, Henderson was in the passenger seat of an SUV as her personal trainer Johannes Brugger, who acted as "eye candy" for all the mothers in the audience, drove it onto the stage to display it as a prize for the next contestant. Unfortunately, the short ride didn't go as planned. The SUV hit a wall, drawing stunned laughter from host Drew Carey and the crowd. Thankfully, everyone involved was safe, and the car still made for an exciting prize to the winning mother-daughter team.

Someone else once crashed a car on The Price Is Right

Winning a new car on "The Price Is Right" has to be one of the most exciting things that could happen to a person. So imagine seeing a shiny new car come rolling onto the stage only to speed past you and crash right into a wall. While you might think that something like this would only happen once — by someone making a guest appearance on "The Price Is Right," perhaps — it turns out that's not the case. Even the most familiar faces on the award-winning game show have run into a little car trouble.

Longtime fans of "The Price Is Right" will most likely recognize Rachel Reynolds. Per The Sun, Reynolds joined the popular game show in 2003 as one of Bob Barker's Beauties and has remained ever since. She is now the longest-running model on the show.

In a YouTube video showing a 2004 episode of "The Price Is Right," Reynolds accidentally crashed a beautiful yellow Ford Mustang into a wall during a game of Lucky Seven. She was uninjured and afterward laughed about the ordeal with then-host Bob Barker. Even when there are mistakes, the team at "The Price Is Right" always seems to have a good time.