The Memorable The Price Is Right Moment That 'Humiliated' Bob Barker

Bob Barker is the definition of a walking legend. For more than thirty years, Barker served as the charmingly pragmatic show host for "The Price is Right." The series is also the longest-running game show in history, via Screen Rant. Everyone knows him as the grinning, friendly host who never failed to make his audience feel at home. He is a huge animal rights activist, which plays a part in his famous closing line for the show. Even though he retired in 2007, his legacy lives on as "The Price is Right" continues to reign supreme with Drew Carey as its new host.

But was every one of those shows a hit? With so many years at the helm of "The Price is Right," it's safe to say that not every one of his shows went as smoothly as Barker might have liked. He even admitted that one memorable moment during a show left him feeling completely "humiliated."

Bob Barker fails at spinning the Big Wheel

During an episode of "The Price is Right" that originally aired in October 2003, Barker was beaming and charismatic as ever while he hosted. Each of the excited contestants were happily waving at their loved ones as Barker introduced them to the audience. It was a show that seemed as normal as any other.

They all made their way to the famous Big Wheel that's spun with the hopes of getting exactly a dollar. One of the contestants was in a wheelchair — but Barker, the kind soul that he is, saw that spinning the heavy wheel wasn't possible for the contestant and offered to spin for him.

Well... there was an attempt. Barker grabbed onto the wheel and gave it a giant tug downwards, and there it spun ... but at a turtle's pace. Unfortunately, the wheel didn't go all the way around. Oops! Boos quickly emerged from the dismayed audience — as is custom when someone can't get the wheel all the way around. Barker faced the crowd with a mortified expression. After dropping his head, he admits that "This is the most humiliating moment in my life."

He gave it another spin and did great

Honestly, it wasn't too bad of a spin when you consider Barker was 83 at the time. But when you think about how his "help" ended up being not so helpful — it's enough to make us all cringe a tiny bit.

However, Barker is known for his tenacity and wasn't going to let the contestant or the crowd down. After handing off the mic to the contestant, a determined Barker gives the Big Wheel a two-handed spin and earns a whopping 75 cents. Talk about a comeback!

As the face of the show, there's a lot of weight that goes on to the shoulders of the host. It's up to them to create a show that thrills viewers every day. Think giving a speech in front of a few people is nerve-wracking? Try being a show host with a tight schedule to follow. When things go awry during a show, as they are prone to do when it's live, the technicians and the people backstage won't have to face the brunt of the embarrassment. It falls on the shoulders of the host.  But if they're skilled enough, a good show host can quickly get the show back on track without much ado, just as Barker did in 2003.