How Queen Camilla And Kate Middleton Honored The Late Queen At Historic State Dinner

The first major family events after a family member passes away are often the most challenging, and we imagine it is no different when the family in question is England's Royal Family. For this reason, it makes sense that members of the family of the late Queen Elizabeth II would want to pay tribute and special honor to their beloved matriarch. At a state dinner on Tuesday evening that was a white tie affair, both Catherine, Princess of Wales, and Camilla, Queen Consort, did just that (via The Mirror). 

The two highest ranking women in the family were seen wearing matching brooches at the historic, important function. The brooches featured the badge of the Royal Family of Elizabeth II. The diamond pins featured an image of a young Queen Elizabeth II in an evening gown, wearing the ribbon of the Order of the Garter, sending the message to all in attendance that the late Queen was very much present and remembered in spirit.

The other meaningful pieces worn by Kate

The event in question was a state dinner to honor the arrival of the President of South Africa (via The Mirror).  This also happened to be the very first major event that Kate Middleton attended in her new role as Princess of Wales. Fittingly, in addition to the meaningful brooch, she also wore a tiara that many people will recognize as having been one of Princess Diana's most favorite. The tiara was made in 1914, is encrusted with diamonds and pearls, and is known as the Lover's Knot. As such, Catherine, Princess of Wales, paid homage not only to the late Queen Elizabeth II, but to her mother-in-law, Diana, who was the last person to hold the title of Princess of Wales before Kate.

She also wore Diana's pearl drop earrings, which perfectly matched not only the tiara, but her gorgeous floor length white caped gown, which itself featured sparking details at the shoulders, drawing attention to these historic and meaningful accessories.