Can You Really Dye Your Hair With Cinnamon?

Cinnamon is the spice of life. According to Medical News Today, it is the "second most popular spice" in the United States and Europe, only beaten by black pepper. People were consuming it by the spoonful during the cinnamon challenge craze, although we do not recommend that. According to Forbes, eating a spoonful of this ingredient activates your gag reflexes and can cause it to enter your lungs. Sounds like there is a better way to use this spice.

Cinnamon has a variety of health benefits, but it can also be used for the skin. According to Style Craze, it can help the appearance of acne, soothe pain, and stimulate the healing process in wounds — and those are just a few of its benefits. However, sensitive skin can be easily irritated by cinnamon, causing redness and rashes, so, before using the spice, it is best to perform a patch test. But what can cinnamon do for your hair?

Cinnamon and honey hair dye

Turns out you can dye your hair with cinnamon; however, according to Mane Addicts, this only works for dark, virgin hair. Mixing cinnamon and honey creates an illuminating mask, brightening hair even up to two tones. Using a spatula, apply an even layer of the blend to your strands and let it sit for one to two hours. For the best results, apply the cinnamon-honey mix weekly. If you have sensitive skin, be careful when applying this blend, or avoid letting the mask touch your scalp since cinnamon can cause a pretty bad irritation. For dry hair, Mane Addicts recommends adding an egg yolk to the mix to provide that extra oil base the strands need.

This cinnamon-honey duo can do more than just lighten your hair. While honey aids with your hair's shine, according to Style Craze, it can also help with psoriasis, inflammation, scalp dermatitis, dandruff, and balancing your scalp's pH levels. And since this mask is completely natural, you won't have to worry about detrimental chemicals like is the case with box dyes.

Benefits of cinnamon

It's not just the honey that has benefits for your hair. Cinnamon has been shown to stimulate hair growth, according to Madame La Présidente. It can also decrease the chances of hair loss and balding, so you will not just be lightening your hair but helping it to grow. Properties in this spice act as a natural antioxidant. It is also anti-inflammatory and antifungal.

Style Craze concurs, adding that cinnamon protects your hair from damage and improves its density. Unfortunately, you will not see these benefits overnight, so you will have to add cinnamon to your hair care routine to get the best results. Over time, with this spice in your hair regimen, you will be able to notice improvements. You can also use cinnamon oil, which has several benefits or create a variety of hair masks with cinnamon powder. So, swap the bleach and harsh chemicals for a natural spice that lightens your hair while nourishing it.