Fans Are Upset Over Joy Duggar Forsyth's Husband's Reaction To Her New Hairstyle

Followers of the Duggars know that the reality-show family belonged to a controversial Christian church that dictated female members wear their hair long, in accordance with the Biblical verse about women's hair being their glory (via E! Online). Even as adults, the older Duggar daughters have maintained their long locks over the years. That's why it was eye-opening to see Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth announce recently that she wanted to try a shorter hairstyle.

Already a mom of two, Joy is expecting a baby boy in 2023. In her new YouTube video, she explained that she wanted to "change up" her hairstyle to something easier to care for with a new baby on the way. While her husband, Austin, was out of town on a job, Joy went to the salon for a major shortening of her waist-length hair. After much cutting, highlighting, and blow-drying, she emerged with a fabulous, flattering 'do, just past shoulder length. Joy was ecstatic, raving, "I am already loving it! It feels so light."

Joy was especially excited to see what Austin would think, and after the couple exchanged a loving embrace, she unclipped her hair so Austin could see the results. But he seemed less than thrilled, surprising Joy and her fans. "It's kinda short," was his first reaction. When asked "What do you think?" he could only say, "I don't hate it." 

Fans thought Austin should have complimented Joy's shorter hairstyle

Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth, who's in the midst of a high-risk pregnancy, tried to get her husband, Austin, to compliment her new haircut, but he thought it was an inch too short. "I don't mind it" and "you look happy" were as enthused as he got (via YouTube). Even when Joy asked him to rate the look, he hedged by saying, "one to 10, you're as cute as can be."

Austin's apparent lack of support shocked many of Joy's Instagram fans. One follower said, "[G]eez dude, give your wife a compliment." Another agreed, "His reaction and whole vibe was completely off. He didn't seem interested at all. Almost hard to watch." 

Others were more willing to cut Austin some slack, pointing out that he had just come home in the middle of the night after a grueling few days' work. "I think the reaction would have been much better if he was fresher and less exhausted," said a supporter. Another agreed, "Y'all are out of pocket for judging their relationship based on a video of his reaction to a haircut at 1 in the morning. Did y'all want him to throw her a parade? ... As a wife of a husband that doesn't show extreme emotion, I'm sure he shows his love for her in many different ways."