How Long Does Nair Really Last?

Have you ever wished the hair on your head grew as fast and thick as the hair on your legs and armpits? While it is true that hair can grow quicker on certain parts of the body than others, per The Washington Post, it always seems like unwanted body hair grows the fastest. And the second that hair starts to pop up, many are quick to get rid of it. From waxing and shaving to threading and tweezing, removing body hair is easier than ever.

One hair removal product many reach for is Nair, a cream that painlessly eliminates hair on the skin in under 10 minutes (via Healthline). Nair is inexpensive, readily available in most drugstores, and can be used on the face, body, and bikini area, regardless of hair type and texture. 

And while there are areas of your body where you shouldn't use Nair, it's great for those common spots on which you typically use a razor. Plus, it doesn't cause any discomfort, which is almost unheard of when it comes to body hair removal processes. Sounds like a miracle product, but how long does it last? The answer may be the deciding factor when determining if Nair is right for you.

It depends, but anywhere between a few days to a few weeks

While hair removal creams, also called depilatories, are a great temporary hair removal solution, they don't remove hair for a longer period when compared to other common hair removal methods like waxing and sugaring. This is because Nair doesn't grab the hair by the root. Instead, hair removal creams disintegrate the hair into a "jelly-like substance," per Byrdie. Once that hair is weakened, a simple wipe will reveal smooth, hairless skin.

That said, the lasting power of Nair really depends on your hair growth cycle and how fast it typically grows. Generally speaking, you can expect for it to last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. According to the brand itself, its hair remover cream "lasts days longer than shaving" with a standard razor. Plus, it won't leave behind any annoying stubble or bumps. If you find that your hair grows pretty fast and you need to shave often to keep your hair away, chances are, you may need to use Nair weekly (via Healthline). 

Some sources, like Vogue, claim that Nair only lasts a few days. If you fit that category, it's important to note that Nair recommends waiting at least 72 hours after using the cream before reapplying it to avoid irritating your skin. 

How to safely use Nair

While using Nair may seem like a foolproof hair removal method, using it incorrectly can cause various skin issues like rashes, blisters, chemical burns, and peeling (via Healthline). Each time you use the product, even if you've been doing so for ages, Nair recommends doing a "patch test." This is because your skin might be able to handle the cream one day, but certain factors such as stress or illness can cause your skin to negatively react the next time you use it.

To do a patch test, apply the Nair in a small section where you want to remove the hair, like on the leg. Leave the cream on for the recommended time stated in the directions (usually up to 10 minutes) and wipe it away with a wet cloth. If no irritation occurs, wait 24 hours and apply as usual (via Nair). If you notice irritation or burning before the time is up, wash it immediately and do not use it.

If the test patch goes well, read the instructions on applying the cream, making sure you keep an eye on the time so you aren't leaving the product on longer than needed (via Bustle). Also, just because you wipe the cream and hair away with a wet cloth once the time is up doesn't mean the Nair is completely removed. Don't forget to rinse your freshly smooth skin in water after wiping the product, so no remaining cream is left behind!