What It Really Means When You Dream About The World Ending

There are many theories about why people dream, yet there is no one clear underlying cause. In general, we are thought to dream for various reasons, including to sort out our emotions, condense memories, and explore our wants and needs, via Verywell Mind. Sometimes we dream to protect ourselves from what we perceive to be dangers in our life.

Dreams often surround situations or thoughts we encounter during the day but are too busy and distracted to process. They are believed to be a prequel to how we work out situations in life when we're awake, via Healthline. Some of us seem to dream quite often while others maintain they never dream at all. However, it's believed that we all dream every night, but we will only remember the dream if we wake up during it or right after it ends.

Since dreams often encompass our deepest fears as well as situations that our brains can't make sense of, it's not surprising that it's common to dream about the world ending. While the popular belief is that dreams are highly subjective, there are a few theories about why you may be dreaming about when the world ends.

End of world dream may signal change

The first thing to know is that it's not a sign that the world is actually ending so there's no need to be fearful of the dream. However, it may very likely be a sign that something in your world is about to come to an end, via Cosmopolitan. That might be a relationship, a job, or other important areas in your life, and your brain may be trying to prepare you for an intense switch.

As a result of internally knowing that an end is on the horizon, you may be having anxiety and a cascade of emotions surrounding the upcoming change. Even if you're not fully aware of any impending end, you may be subconsciously processing confusing thoughts and internal notions through your dreams.

Another explanation is that you may also be gearing up in your life to take on a new role and close a large chapter, via Dreaming and Sleeping. This may include going to college, graduating and getting a job, getting married and leaving the single life behind, or even getting divorced.

You may be feeling overwhelmed or ready for a spiritual awakening

Another interpretation of end-of-the-world dreams is that you feel entirely out of control in some aspect of your life. You may dream of the actual apocalypse or envision yourself trying to save yourself in the face of knowing the world is soon ending. This could be a sign that you feel like you have no ability to save yourself from a distressing situation in your life, via Crystal Clear Intuition. However, it is your brain's way of finding a solution while it is at rest and better able to process the fear that you attempt to push aside during the day.

Finally, dreaming of the world ending may actually be a positive one. You may be undergoing a spiritual awakening and opening your mind to ending the world you once knew and launching yourself into a whole new world of possibility, via MillersGuild. You'll know this is the case if the dream leaves you feeling a deep sense of peace and calm. You may also experience intense joy and feel eager to explore this new part of your life.