What It Really Means When You Dream About Throwing Up

Dreams often occur with no rhyme or reason. Many of us have had the dream where we're naked in the supermarket, our teeth are falling out or a bear is chasing us. Other common dreams include falling, whether it's off a curb, building, or mountain, and having to use the toilet but being unable to find one, via Dreams.

For each dream, we often look into what the dream actually means, and usually, it's not too hard to figure out since the causes are often anxiety, fear of death, or fear of embarrassment, via Verywell Mind.

If you've had a busy day or there is a lot on your mind you may dream about possible solutions to problems happening in your life. Yet when dreams are symbolic or nonsensical, you need to dig a bit deeper to find out what they mean.

Sometimes you can have a dream that feels physical. Maybe you're itchy or your arm or leg hurts. Sometimes physical feelings are more subtle and more difficult to decipher, which is the case when dreaming about throwing up.

Dreaming about vomiting may have a medical component

On a very basic level, dreaming about feeling nauseated or wanting to throw up may very well be simply because you have indigestion and do feel very queasy while you're sleeping. It may be a signal of a host of various conditions including acid reflux, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), anxiety, medication side effects, and peptic ulcers, via Healthline.

Anxiety tends to be worse at night when your body is finally at rest but your mind is still in overdrive. With acid reflux and GERD, laying down can cause reflux to be particularly troublesome since with these conditions acid travels upward to your esophagus. This, in turn, can also affect a peptic ulcer.

Dreaming about vomiting could also be a sign of pregnancy since nausea and vomiting are one of the earliest symptoms of pregnancy. At the same time, pregnancy often causes dreams to be particularly vivid, via Sleep Foundation.

Yet many times, dreaming about throwing up isn't physical at all.

Spiritual meaning of dreaming about throwing up

Dreams of vomiting dreams can be spiritual in nature. They may be representing that you are exhausted by something in your life and just cannot deal with it anymore. You may be being treated poorly, overlooked, disregarded, or abused in some way, via OA Publishing London. Often it may mean there is a toxic situation, whether it's someone in your family, friend group, or at your job and you may need to remove them from your life.

In addition, according to Spiritual Animal Dreams, dreaming about vomiting can signal that someone in your life isn't being true to what they say they are or believe in and the vomiting is a way of your body repelling their lies and false promises. This dream shows you should listen to your intuition because something from deep within is telling you to repel whatever situation you find yourself in. It's the time to address what is happening and stand up for yourself and your own peace and well being.