This Is Why You Have Itchy Eyebrows

Some say that if the eyes are the windows to the soul, the eyebrows are the decorative curtains. Whether you're into the '90s skinny brow comeback or still rocking the thick Cara Delevingne style that's been on trend for the last decade, there's a good chance you pay attention to your eyebrows and how they look. Giving your brows some TLC "can make you look more alert, a little bit younger, a little fresher, and you can do a little bit less makeup overall," brow artist Sarah McQuarrie told Good Housekeeping.

However, brows are more than just beauty marks on your face — they can say a lot about your health too. Hair loss is one common concern that could signal hormonal imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, autoimmune diseases, and other health conditions (via Medical News Today).

Another issue that could reveal information about your health is persistent itchiness. Here's what it means if you find yourself regularly scratching at your brows.

Common causes of itchy eyebrows

An occasional itch in your eyebrows is rarely a cause for concern. However, brows that are regularly itchy may be a sign of an underlying skin condition. According to Medical News Today, eczema can cause itchiness around the eyebrows and is usually accompanied by other telltale symptoms such as dryness and flaky skin. Shingles can also cause itchiness that often precedes a painful rash.

People with oily skin are especially likely to experience itchiness from eyebrow dandruff, says Byrdie, though it's important to note that psoriasis can sometimes be mistaken for dandruff. Psoriasis, too, can affect the brow area and causes itchy, scaly patches of skin.

Though not as common, eyebrow irritation may also be caused by parasites like mites and lice, which can live in the eyebrow hair and scalp (via Healthline). If you have parasites, you may notice a crawling sensation or debris from eggs around the hair.

How to ditch the itch

According to Healthline, brow itchiness is usually temporary and clears up on its own. But for irritation that doesn't seem to subside, a great place to start is by simplifying your skincare and makeup routine. Dermatologist Dr. Mia Jing Gao explained to Get the Gloss that skin issues can be triggered by ingredients in brow products, such as fragrances and preservatives. Additionally, lash serums, lotions, and other products can stick to the eyebrows, causing irritating build-up. Keep skincare away from brow hairs and consider dropping any new products if your itchiness started recently. And, if you fill in your eyebrows every day, use a makeup remover before washing to banish any residue.

If itchiness continues, a doctor may recommend an over-the-counter ointment or prescribe medication as needed for conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and shingles. If you have itchiness from mites or lice, over-the-counter products often help, and it's best to avoid sharing bedding, hats, and other items that touch your head and face until the parasites are completely gone.

Though itchy eyebrows rarely indicate a serious health issue, be sure to contact a doctor immediately if you notice other new symptoms, such as flushed skin, tingling, light-headedness, or chest tightness (via Medical News Today).