The Workout Routine Ariana Grande Swears By

While her hit single "Positions" might not be about her favorite workout moves, pop star Ariana Grande does have experience jumping through hoops in the Olympics. (See what we did there?) With access to a team of the best personal trainers, nutritionists, wellness practitioners, and plastic surgeons out there, it's understandable to be a little suspicious of celebrity workouts. And while one particular workout might not be the sole reason certain celebrities are in fantastic shape, the same rule applies to most. However, in your quest to find the routines that feel the best to you, we are all about trying anything and everything — within reason, of course. And there is no shame in gathering both ideas and motivation from some of your favorite stars.


Ariana Grande, who is also vegan (here's what she eats in a day) has gone through a stunning transformation in her rise to stardom. A brand ambassador for Reebok, she once told People that she works out when she needs "help writing or being creative, or coming up with an idea." She continues, "I came up with the idea for the "Side to Side" video on the treadmill. Usually I'll listen to throwback '90s hip-hop, or stuff that makes me amped." Grande's trainer Harley Pasternak once told Shape that the singer works out with him at least three times a week. Here are some of the workouts the star gets into.

Upper body routine

When she focuses on her upper body, Ariana Grande's trainer Harley Pasternak told Shape these four moves are her go-to's. First, are 25 "Glute Bridge Skull Crusher," per Marie Claire UK. A combination of a tricep extension and glute bridge, lie face up on the floor with a dumbbell in each hand, elbows hinged. Squeezing your glutes and abs, lift your butt off the ground into a bridge while simultaneously pressing into the extension. Then, lower yourself to the ground.


Next, a tricep extension, via Muscle & Strength. While this specific exercise requires a cable pulley at the gym, there are other options at home. Tricep kickbacks can be a good start, per Verywell Fit. Take a dumbbell in each hand and hinge slightly forward at your hips. Then, one at a time, extend your arm behind you without bending your elbow as much as possible.

For shoulders, Grande does dumbbell T-raises. Hold a dumbbell in each hand at your side. Then, lift your arms straight out to shoulder height, making a "T" with your body, per

Then there's the upper back. Grande would use a cable pulley to do reverse cable flys, but you can still work your back at home with plank to pikes, per GymPact. Starting in a plank position with knees off the ground, lift your butt into the air (think downward dog) and come back to center.


Lower body routine

Dubbed the "Fantastic Five," Grande does these five moves to work the lower body, via Shape.

Up first: Curtsey lunges which work your hips, glutes, and quads for a serious burn. Alternating sides, simply step one leg behind at an angle, and bend your knee 90 degrees, via Healthline.


Next, staggered deadlifts. With dumbbells at your sides and one foot slightly in front of the other, reach your dumbbells just past your knees, then stand straight up, via Livestrong. Staggering your stance places more weight on one leg than the other, so be sure to even them out.

After, Grande does a modified abductor plank, where both of her feet are off the ground, via Fitness Volt. Using an object with a little height, like your coffee table, get into a side plank position with both of your feet on the object and your forearm on the ground. Then hold for 30 seconds before switching. If this feels difficult, a regular side plank will also suffice via Healthline.

Next is the clamshell. This one requires you to transform into the sea creature by laying on your side with your knees bent, then, hoisting yourself off the ground on your forearm, opening up one leg like a clam while your ankles stay touching, via Shape.


Grande completes the "Glute Bridge Skull Crushers" again. For beginners, Pasternak recommends three sets of at least 15 reps per move. You'll be so sore, you'll be walking from side to side, too!