Inside The Bold And The Beautiful Star Katherine Kelly Lang's Fashion-Forward Business

The cast of "The Bold and the Beautiful" has had a long-standing affair with Italy and all things Italian, and for a good reason, too. That's mostly because the hit CBS soap is one of the top-rated shows in the country, according to the San Diego Tribune. Because of their immense popularity with fans in Rome, Milan, Venice, and beyond, the cast and crew of "The Bold and the Beautiful" headed to Puglia for a week back in 2012 to film a few episodes on location, via YouTube. Ron Moss, who once played Ridge Forrester on the soap, fell in love with the area so much that he bought a farmhouse in Puglia, via the Italian Post. Some of the soap's major stars like Don Diamont (Bill Spencer) have even appeared on shows like Italy's version of "Dancing With The Stars," per Soap Opera Digest, while Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke Logan) has appeared in the Italian film, "Dagli Occhi Dell'Amore," as detailed by

But it's Lang's love affair with all things Italian that prompted her to bring a little piece of Florence back home to Beverly Hills with a fashion-forward business that perhaps not a lot of people saw coming. In fact, Lang herself had no idea that lunch in Florence with her partner Dominique Zoida and designer Hicham Ben Mbarek would prompt her to make one of the biggest decisions she's ever made in her professional life.

Katherine Kelly Lang brought Italian leather goods from Florence straight to Beverly Hills

In 2019, Katherine Kelly Lang became more than just a legendary daytime television star in the making, but a true fahsionista when she opened up her Beverly Hills boutique, Benheart. The name was inspired by her friend Hicham Ben Mbarek and the story of his heart transplant. Lang told Soap Opera Digest that she felt compelled to bring Benheart to the United States after having spent so much time in Mbarek's store in Florence. She said that the store is all about the designer's "passion, his love for life and people, and his gratitude ... It's more like a way of life and not just a fashion plan. That's the idea behind it." Lang also added, "The pieces are 100 percent handmade in Florence. Benheart is not just a fashion brand; it's a lifestyle."

Lang's dream of becoming a boutique owner became a reality when she opened up her first store in December 2019. During the grand opening ceremony, Lang told Soaps in Depth that all the hard work she put in to help bring the brand to Beverly Hills was worth it. "I'm exhausted, but it's been great. When you've been thinking and talking about something for so long, to see it come to fruition is kind of weird!"

 But little do some of her fans know that Benheart isn't the only brand that Lang has invested in over the years.

Katherine Kelly Lang is also the face of her own kaftan line

It really shouldn't surprise anyone that someone as stylish as Katherine Kelly Lang puts both the "bold" and the "beautiful" in everything she does. The actor also has her own line of luxurious kaftans, which are made to make you feel like you are always on vacation, according to her website. In 2021, she told Soap Opera Digest, "It's been great being an entrepreneur and designing my kaftans and selling them on Home Shopping Network and on the website." Lang also said that she's hoping to open a second Benheart in a second location somewhere in the United States, too.

Seeing how Lang is so busy filming new episodes of "The Bold and the Beautiful" and running two different businesses at the same time while also being a full-time grandmother, via her Instagram post, one can only wonder how she manages to find any time for herself. Even with everything on her plate, she still gets to jet off to Italy for a much needed vacation from the daily grind as she shared in a post. It's no wonder Ridge Forrester is so in love with Brooke Logan, right?