What The Bold And The Beautiful's Katherine Kelly Lang Wants Brooke To Do When Ridge Apologizes

For more than three decades "The Bold and the Beautiful" fans have watched Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) live the kind of life most people could only dream of having with all of the stylish clothes, the handsome men, and the luxurious getaways from Monaco to Italy and beyond. But they've also seen her making a lot of missteps over the years, as she's committed plenty of sins that have included sleeping with her daughter's husband and her sister's husband. There's also the fact that Brooke has been married so many times that fans have simply lost track of all her weddings and divorces. 

Yet, even Katherine Kelly Lang knows that there's a reason for all the drama behind Brooke's on-again, off-again relationship with the love of her life, Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye). She told Soap Opera Digest back in 2021, "Ridge and Brooke's history is rich with a breakup and then a poignant and over-the-top romantic reunion. It's a soap!" She added, "You can't just have a couple that's happy all the time, even if you're fighting about why the grocery bill is so high."

While Ridge has made it clear that he's wanting to move on from Brooke with the other ex-wife in his life, Taylor Hayes (Krista Allen), Lang recently hinted that a reconciliation might be in the works for the handsome Forrester son and her character. That is, if Brooke decides to give him another chance.

Is Ridge Forrester about to get down on his knees and beg for forgiveness?

"The Bold and the Beautiful" fans have made it no secret that they feel furious at Ridge Forrester for breaking up with Brooke Logan so he could get back together again with Taylor Hayes. Even Ridge's little Aspen getaway with Taylor has had fans split over whether or not he's making the right decision. 

According to Katherine Kelly Lang though, she knows how this is going to play out for Brooke. She told Soap Hub in an interview that sooner or later Ridge is going to realize that he made a huge mistake in dumping Brooke after believing that she was the one who called CPS when in fact it was his own son Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson) who did it. While there's no doubt that Brooke's heart will always belong to Ridge, she's not going to make their reunion an easy one for him. When asked if Brooke is the forgiving kind, Lang told the site, "Oh, yeah. If she takes him back. On the ground. Beg. For a year."

Seeing how Brooke and Ridge have been married a whopping 11 times over the years, per Soaps.com, there's a good chance that the 12th wedding ceremony will consist of a cake made out of someone's tears – especially if Brooke really decides to make Ridge pay dearly for his mistakes.