11 Budget-Friendly Christmas Decorations For Your Home

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This Christmas season, we want your holidays to really sparkle. While people went holiday shopping earlier than ever, per NBC News, and you might have already gotten started — there is no such thing as too early to start Christmas decorating! As you prepare to host family and friends, festive décor can show your loved ones that they are welcome, appreciated, and, of course, in for a good time! With so many Christmas decorations out there with different aesthetics, it can be a good idea to pick a theme — whether it's around a certain color, style, or even seasonal message such as "Peace on Earth" — and curate your décor accordingly. Here are a few décor ideas to get you started.


First, perhaps the reigning champion of Christmas decorations — the wreath. According to TIME, wreaths came into the picture in the 16th century when Germans began the Christmas tree tradition and didn't want to throw away the tree scraps, instead weaving them into beautiful wreaths. Wreaths come in a seemingly endless variety of styles — from the simple, lush, and green, to the ornamental and luxe, you are sure to find a wreath that suits your aesthetic and budget, per Christmas Central. Plus, artificial wreaths are reusable for years to come, and can be placed wherever you like in the home; not just your front door. 


Nothing invokes the spirit of the holiday season quite like a whimsical garland. Like wreaths, garland comes in almost every assortment imaginable, and can add that fun pop of color and personality to your décor. For a playful touch, check out this pom-pom garland from Amazon, or these hand-painted, Christmas-colored wooden beads from Bed Bath & Beyond. Should you be looking for a garland that is a bit less traditional, you could also go with these natural burlap pennants that can be hung like garland as well, via Amazon. This tissue-paper garland made to look like classic Christmas lights is also quite sweet, via Oriental Trading. Each is festive, understated, and durable.

Holiday doormat

Now, when you imagine your guests arriving at your place, your outdoor décor can really set the tone of the visit. Whether you live in an apartment or a house, a festive doormat is both a thoughtful touch and an inventive way to welcome guests. We love this fanciful gingerbread house doormat courtesy of Michaels Stores, which is sure to be a hit with kids. Then there is this poinsettia-shaped doormat, via Michaels Stores, a nod to the pretty holiday plant – which does not do well outside, per Better Homes & Gardens.

Starlit luminaries

And to light the way to your home, small lanterns or luminaries create a magical feeling while serving a practical purpose. These paper votives with little star cut-outs will be sure to delight your guests as they mirror the night sky, via Amazon. These are also available in a number of creative designs for purchase at Walmart. For a fun holiday craft, you can even make your own out of paper bags or out of mason jars, per DIY Joy.

Mini decorative pine trees

Speaking of plants, if there's one plant that rules the season — you guessed it — it's definitely the pine tree. You've probably already thought about your Christmas tree for inside your home but have you thought about something similar for the outside? Try creating a Christmas forest right outside your front door. To create this amazing Christmas aesthetic, consider placing these decorative pine trees on your front porch or beside your doormat to invite guests into your winter wonderland, per JCPenney.

A Christmas mascot

Every home needs a Christmas mascot. Whether it's the Elf on the Shelf, a snowman, Santa and Mrs. Clause, a nutcracker, a polar bear — you name it — having a fun figure to greet guests before you do is sure to be a delight. This pair of Christmas gnome yard stakes are just precious, via Amazon. And if you might not have a front lawn, consider this adorable elf door, complete with its own miniature doormat, broom, tiny boots, and bench, via Walmart. You could place next to your front door, and let the magic come to you!

Letter banners

Perhaps there is a certain message or mantra that you feel attached to or that defines your feeling this holiday season. Should you want to express your joy for the holidays for all of your neighbors and friends to see, there is no better way to do so than with a letter banner. Perhaps hanging this nostalgic Peanuts Christmas Banner from Oriental Trading is an option? Or maybe even this colorful "Merry Christmas" felt banner has a modern and playful look, via Etsy.

Marquee and neon lights

When you think neon, you may think '80s. But that's not always the case. This holiday season, why not opt for a  marquee sign, like this "Joy" sign from Target or a hanging neon light, like this modern "Peace on Earth" light from Etsy to brighten spirits at home. The same Etsy shop offers the design in a multitude of colors, as well as additional designs, such as this "Joy, Love, Peace" neon light in the shape of a Christmas tree.

Star-shaped decor

You probably have a star on the top of your Christmas tree. But there's another way to delight your family, guests, and neighbors is to bring holiday wonder to your home with star-shaped décor. These hanging window lights in the shape of stars available on Amazon do double duty as they decorate both the inside and outside of your place. And these little gold stars from Target can be hung from every door in the house, transforming your space into a Christmas constellation.

Festive bows

Festive bows are also a holiday favorite, and need not be exclusive to presents. Bows are quite versatile and can be attached to your front door, and onto furniture both inside and outside of the home. This set of 12, red velvet bows from Etsy are traditional and classic and can be attached to anything from your Christmas tree to any door in your home and even placed on your dining table, and more. The same Etsy shop sells gorgeous, handcrafted bows in all colors, patterns, and sizes. You can even get this pack-of-six bows from Home Depot for your decorating pleasure.

Classic Christmas lights

Then there's the classic, crowd-favorite décor item that never goes out of style — Christmas lights! With so many kinds of string lights on the market, from the classic, colorful bulb lights you can find at places like Target, to novelty snowflake string lights also available at Target, you will be sure to find some that stick with the theme you are looking to achieve. You can also create your own lighting with fairy lights in bottles for a charming, rustic look, via Amazon