The Workout Routine Victoria Beckham Swears By

Former Spice Girls star Victoria Beckham's fashion sense and effortless charm aren't the only things people notice about her at first glance. The fashion designer and wife of footballer David Beckham maintains an athletic physique even at age 48 (via Daily Mail).

Adding to her busy schedule is the reality of being a mother to their four children, Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz, and Harper. In a Mother's Day letter to Time, Beckham talked about the rollercoaster ride she's been on. "It [motherhood] has taken me on an unexpected journey that can constantly surprise, educate and confuse me!" she wrote. How Beckham got her kids through the COVID-19 lockdown is a testament to how she navigates difficult times with her offspring. 

Despite the challenges of motherhood, work, and other commitments, Beckham believes in being disciplined when it comes to maintaining a healthy body and mind, according to Hello Magazine. Here's the workout routine she swears by. 

Victoria Beckham does a hybrid of cardio and weightlifting for her workout routine

Despite being afraid of weights and following a cardio-heavy routine (like running and jogging) for years, Victoria Beckham has recently chosen to mix it up a little and add strength training to her fitness program, per Hello Magazine. And she's loving the results. In an interview with Grazia, the former singer was enthusiastic about her new routine. "It's good to switch things up and keep your body guessing. I've got so much more muscle tone now," she shared. 

Speaking to Women's Health, Beckham's personal trainer Bobby Rich (who also works with her husband David), shared that her awareness of having hit a plateau with her previous schedule is what triggered the change. "Despite spending daily 90+ minute sessions in the gym, she was purely maintaining her fitness levels rather than improving in other meaningful ways," he explained. Beckham's current workout schedule focuses more on quality than quantity. 

Rich works with Beckham on goals like output per workout and progressive training to build strength. There's also a focus on cardio and rest times. Bringing a sense of structure to her workout was important. "We did this by incorporating training cycles, or blocks of time that focus on different aspects of fitness (improving strength, endurance, etc.) which would allow her to improve, peak, maintain, rest and repeat," he shared with Women's Health. Her workout is 35 to 90 minutes long, and she trains almost every day.

Diet is an important part of her routine

Most fitness professionals will tell you that paying attention to what you eat is an important part of making your workout benefits last longer, and this is true even with the fashion icon and businesswoman Victoria Beckham. In a 2019 interview with The Guardian, Beckham spoke about how her disciplined attitude extends to what she eats as well. Maintaining her busy lifestyle which involves parenting and a lot of travel, is only possible if she eats mindfully and exercises. In fact, in a podcast interview with iHeart's Ruthie's Table 4, Beckham's husband David, said that his wife "very rarely deviates" from her 25-year-long diet of "grilled fish" and "steamed vegetables." 

Performance coach Bobby Rich who has been working with Beckham for the last 16 months places considerable importance on when you fuel the body. "Understanding your body clock and creating healthy habits around mealtimes makes you more likely to understand your energy levels and avoid under/overeating or crashing," he shared with Women's Health

Beckham's workout routine may have taken a spin from long running sessions most days of the week to a fitness program that encompasses an Olympic overhead squat but one thing remains the same: her consistency and self-discipline.