How Victoria Beckham Got Her Kids Through The COVID-19 Lockdown

Parents worldwide were thrown into a state of shock when the COVID-19 pandemic spread across the globe in 2020 and society suddenly shut down. 

Children no longer went to school, education had to happen at home, and improvisation became the name of the game. Celebrities and common folk alike all had the same dilemma — how to get their kids through a once-in-a-lifetime event thanks to a novel virus known as COVID-19 — and that included musician, fashion maven, wife, and mother Victoria Beckham.

Before spending her 20s as Posh Spice, one of the members of the British girl group the Spice Girls, Victoria Adams lived her own posh life growing up with affluent parents and studying ballet at the top schools in London. She rose to fame in the '90s with the Spice Girls, married soccer superstar David Beckham in 1998, and gave birth in quick succession to four kids (via Biography). 

Together, they all had to get through the roughest days of the coronavirus pandemic the best way this posh mom knew how.

Victoria Beckham reminded her kids that they were living through history

Many parents found that the best way to get through those early, dark days of the pandemic was by being the light in the house, meaning remembering that your kids often stay positive if you do.

Victoria Beckham didn't have little ones to care for when lockdown began — instead, she had older kids, but kids are still kids. Beckham and her family, including Brooklyn, 22; Romeo, 18; Cruz, 16; and Harper, 9, were able to put the pandemic in perspective. 

"I would try to dress it up," Beckham told the Evening Standard. "I would say to them, 'You're lucky to be living through this, you're living through history. Your children and grandchildren will say to you one day what was it like when you couldn't leave the house for days and weeks on end?'"

She added: "I think it was about just being as positive as we could and keeping each other motivated and finding structure. I think that was the key thing."

Of course, like most children (and adults) living through the pandemic, the Beckham kids wanted to resume their normal lives as soon as possible.

Victoria Beckham's kids were ready for school again

The Beckhams spent a portion of lockdown in the United States, in Miami, where David Beckham owns a soccer team, and their kids were itching to resume their regular lives, even with such a positive attitude at home.

"Our kids love going to school, they are very social and have lots of friends. They work hard at school," Victoria Beckham told the Evening Standard. "But I've never seen my kids so excited to go back — it was lovely to see. We forget how much they have missed."

Beckham may have been just as excited as her brood when they returned to normal life, and she also developed a new and healthy respect for teachers. 

"How much do we appreciate teachers now? I appreciate teachers so much more," she said. "I can run a business. I can sit in a board meeting. No problem. But homeschooling is really, really, really tough."