January Aquarius Vs. February Aquarius: What's The Difference?

There may only be twelve signs of the zodiac, but they all overlap between months. Those born between January 20 and February fall under the 11th sign of the zodiac, the air sign Aquarius (via Mindbodygreen). Ruled by Saturn in traditional astrology and Uranus today (via Bustle), Aquarians are generally believed to be the "electrics of the zodiac." Their traits include being creative, humanitarian, innovative, optimistic, and peaceful.

Despite sharing the same sign, there are some significant differences between January and February Aquarians, including their birthstones. Those born in January are represented by Garnet, a gem seen as a "protective stone" often worn by those in battle and royalty (via the International Gem Society). Amethyst is February's birthstone, which shares some common ground with Garnet, as the purple quartz was also worn by royalty. But now, amethyst is more associated with "spirituality, mental clarity, and healing." The differences in January and February Aquarians are also linked to the positioning of the moons and planets, which can determine the difference in personality traits, strengths, and weaknesses of an Aquarian. (via Astrozella).

January Aquarians are more rebellious than those born in February

According to Astrozella, January Aquarians are more unique than their February counterparts and are more likely to "deviate from the norm" and socialize with a wider breadth of people. Both Aquarians can be outgoing, but February Aquarians tend to bond more with a tight-knit group of close friends and family. This is because Aquarius is a humanitarian sign (via Pandora Astrology). This aspect of the zodiac sign can present itself in different ways. For example, a January Aquarian may focus more on community projects or things that help a collection of people, while February Aquarians tend to use themselves to benefit those around them (via Mysticado).

Those born in January tend to be a bit more stubborn than February Aquarians and are more "free-spirited" and "impulsive" in nature, as well as rebellious. According to Mysticado, January Aquarians often find it challenging to understand where other people are coming from and why they disagree with their opinion. In contrast, February Aquarians have a calmer disposition and are more adept at making "objective, logical, decisions." They tend to see the bigger picture and find solutions that will benefit everyone, even if there's a little trial and error involved.

February Aquarians are influenced by more than one planet

January Aquarians tend to hold more of the negative aspects of the zodiac sign compared to February Aquarians (via Mysticado), like being less in touch with their feelings, being self-righteous, and being unpredictable. But these qualities aren't necessarily bad, as they can be used for good in the right circumstances. This is especially true when paired with the Aquarian need to help the community and make the world better through determination and love. While the traits of a January Aquarian can be seen by some as "unusual, strange, or eccentric," as Astrozella notes, they are incredibly creative beings that can grab hold of their inner focus and achieve almost anything they put their mind to, despite falling to impulsivity on some occasions. February Aquarians hold similar qualities but are more restrained in that regard.

According to Know Your Aquarius, this is all down to the planets associated with when you were born. January Aquarians are ruled by one planet, Uranus, which can often draw a more rebellious nature, while February Aquarians are also influenced by Mercury, Venus, and Mars, which lead to more social and open-minded qualities.