Everything You Need To Know About Tenniscore

Gen Z is obsessed with aesthetics, coining terms like cottagecore and art ho to describe distinct styles and trends. Beyond fashion, aesthetics can include visual elements like art, decor, makeup, and even architecture. Sometimes, they encapsulate a certain lifestyle, as seen with the controversial "that girl" aesthetic.

While the popularity of aesthetics has led to criticisms about the rise of micro-trends and the lack of personal style, the existence of these niches seems to provide Gen Z with an avenue to explore identity and community. Social media has played a huge role in the flourishing of these subcultures, with TikTok specifically providing a space to break down and define aesthetics.

Tenniscore is one of these uber-specific fashion trends that might have shown up on your "For You" page recently. While this aesthetic looks a lot like it sounds, read on to learn everything you need to know about the tenniscore fashion trend.

All about the tenniscore aesthetic

Tenniscore is an aesthetic that centers around the athleisure wear of country club tennis courts, consisting of items like pleated skirts, tennis bracelets, and polos. In other words, the things you'd expect tennis players to wear. Despite what you might first think, this style doesn't necessarily center around athleticism. Instead, it's inspired by the wealth and lifestyle of those who actually frequent their club's exclusive courts.

If you're wondering about the origin of this style, Grazia connects the trend to the opening of Wimbledon post-quarantine and Naomi Osaka's collab with Frankies Bikinis, while Glamour associates its popularity with Miu Miu's 2022 fall-winter collection. A major element of the tenniscore look is its vintage inspiration, as it combines the traditional style and historical luxury of tennis with more modern streetwear touches.

This trend is also influenced by the traction of the old money aesthetic. This aesthetic values the quiet luxury and preppy style of generational wealth. As a result, it has been criticized for romanticizing whiteness and exclusivity, a critique that can also be applied to tenniscore by association.

Possibly, this exclusivity and class associated with these styles can be connected to society's economic uncertainty or the prevailing new money fashion of celebrity culture, though neither of these reasonings erases the aesthetic's controversial roots.

How to achieve the tenniscore look

Knowing the origin and values of the tenniscore aesthetic, it's now time to discuss how exactly you can achieve this look. As mentioned, this fashion uses the traditional luxury and prep of tennis athleisure wear to create a modernized spin on the old money look, per Vogue.

The main characteristics of this style are classic, understated shapes and neutral, slick color palettes. Expensive accessories — think delicate tennis bracelets and overpriced water bottles — are also staples of tenniscore. Pleated mini skirts, classic sports dresses, polo shirts, knit sweaters, and crew socks are some common pieces of this style. Picture a Nike skort, a Ralph Lauren polo shirt, and an Ivy League sweatshirt tied around the shoulders.

Some other brands associated with tenniscore are Miu Miu, Tory Sports, Lactose, Sporty and Rich, Alo, and Recreational Habits. If you're on a budget and looking to get the tenniscore look, then these luxury brands won't be good options for you, but they are sure to provide you with some great inspiration.