The Meaning Behind The December Turquoise Birthstone

Your birthday is significant. It is your own special holiday that determines your zodiac sign and birthstone. December may be the last month of the year, but it is never forgotten. People born on December 1 through the 21 are Sagittarius, while those born in the later half of the month are Capricorns. Even though it's the same month, Sagittarius is a fire sign, while Capricorn is an earth sign. However, whatever way the stars aligned during your first breath, December births are still united by the turquoise birthstone.

Turquoise is an opaque mineral that forms in a variety of blues and greens, according to Geology. The turquoise gemstone is notable for its rich color. Blue minerals are rare. Some turquoise stones naturally occur in higher shades of green with hints of yellow, but deep blue stones are the most sought-after turquoise. It is a luxurious gem that represents December, but what is the meaning behind this birthstone?

Turquoise represents peace

Whether it's deep blue or more green, your turquoise stone can be quite a good luck charm, used by the Aztecs and Egyptians. According to Pure Wow, turquoise is a stone that represents relaxation. That sense of peace is much needed in December during the holidays. It is said that those wearing the gem will possess its stressless and worry-free qualities.

Along with the physical aspect of the gem, the turquoise color is also symbolic. According to Canva, the turquoise color is a combination of blue tranquility, green growth, and yellow energy. Turquoise has the doubling effect of warm and cool colors. Perhaps simply wearing the color turquoise can exhibit happiness. Or adding accents of the hue throughout decorations, like with colors in feng shui, can produce calm. However you incorporate the birthstone, through the actual gem or simply the color, it has more than just stress-free qualities.

A stone of protection

Along with peace, legends have it that this birthstone can provide safety. According to the International Gem Society, turquoise is a stone of protection. Aztec culture valued turquoise higher than the Spaniards did gold. There is folklore that records turquoise warning its wearer of danger by breaking, so it might be more than a coincidence your earring just happens to fall. The stone's changing color can also represent a change for the worse in health.

According to the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture, in Native traditions, households would have a bag filled with turquoise to ward off misfortune. Deities embraced the power of turquoise even more. Rulers would have weapons fashioned from the stone or even have homes built with turquoise. That's literal protection created with the stone's protective properties — talk about double-guarded! The December birthstone is a true symbol of peace.