How To Decorate Your Mantel For Hanukkah

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It's holiday season, and whether you're excited or looking for a way to stay calm during the season, decorating your home for Hanukkah will put you in the headspace for celebrating using time-old traditions. Rather than mess about with a door wreath or front yard decorations, decorating your mantel is an easy way to add some festive cheer to your space.

When looking for ideas, you may have noticed that a lot of Hanukah decorations feature a distinctive blue and white color scheme. The reason for this is (relatively) simple. A representative for Hallmark told Time that the traditional blue and white color combination is partly because "blue and white are the colors of Israel's flag" (speaking of Hallmark, did you know there's a Hallmark holiday film named "Love, Lights, Hanukkah!"?) Interestingly, the blue and white Hanukkah color combo is "largely an American phenomenon," with the pairing not having any particular significance in other countries during Hanukkah.

Blue and white or neutral, the mantel decorating ideas below are sure to inspire you whatever your color preference and decorating style.

A minimalist look can still pay homage to Hanukkah traditions

If you prefer your decor to be more on the minimalist side, this understated Wood Star of David Banner from Peace Love Light is just the thing. Featuring a row of stars crafted from baltic birch wood with twine for a charming rustic winter wonderland look, it will blend in well with any existing decor due to its neutral color scheme. Per Peace Love Light, sometimes keeping things simple is best for a clean look. Plus, the lowkey design means you can keep this banner up all year round rather than it being a holiday-specific decoration. 

Introduce some shimmer into your home with this banner

On the other hand, this Happy Hanukkah Glitter Banner from Peace Light Love is ideal if you are celebrating by having friends and family around. Adorned with sparkling glitter in either teal blue or gleaming gold, it spells out "Happy Hanukkah" and is perfect for welcoming guests into your home. It is made from glitter cardstock that's guaranteed not to shed (because nobody likes glitter footprints all over their house) and twine that can be adjusted. If you opt for this banner, make sure to keep the rest of your mantel decor on the simple side to prevent a cluttered look (via Peace Love Light). 

This decoration will illuminate your living room with bright light

If banners aren't your thing, how about string lights instead? Though string lights can be used all year round, this set of Hanukkah-inspired lights in bright blue feature a cool Menorah design. Per Women's Day, the set is battery-operated, meaning you won't have to look at any unsightly wires or search for the closest plug. Conveniently, the included remote control lets you put the light on a timer so you can create the right ambiance any time of day with the click of a button.

Add some texture to your home with a fun and festive garland

Similar to a banner but usually with more texture, a garland is a great way to introduce festive cheer to your home even if you're on a budget (via Homes & Gardens). They are also incredibly easy to use, meaning anyone can join in on the decorating fun, even those who are DIY-challenged. This blue-and-white felt ball garland comes with two strands, so it's also good for larger mantels. It features the traditional blue and white color scheme of Hanukkah, but you can reuse it for other non-holiday events in the future, too.

Get the family excited with this decoration that can be used as a countdown

Looking for something to sit on top of your mantel? Per Good Housekeeping, this personalized set of Hanukkah Countdown Blocks will help you get excited for the holidays. Costing $32, each layer features a different phrase apart from the top block, which is designed to be swapped out for different numbers as you count down to Hanukkah. Even better, the personalization aspect is free, so you can include your whole family when celebrating. Note that the paper used for each block differs, so you may not get the same blocks as seen in the pictures.

Decorating for Hanukkah doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your aesthetic

Stylish and sophisticated, this Star of David accent piece will bring the focus of the holidays back to what is most important. Good Housekeeping suggests that this decoration ensures you can stay true to your "modern aesthetic" whilst still honoring Hanukkah traditions. Made of metal with a matte gold finish, it would look beautiful in a contemporary living room space perched on top of your mantel. It is also affordably priced at under $30, so you can buy other items alongside this piece to accentuate your mantel.

Your menorah doesn't have to contain real flames to promote the festive spirit

It wouldn't be Hanukkah without a menorah, and this LED Electric Hanukkah Menorah ticks all the boxes. Available in matte silver, a more metallic "electrosilver," gold, or rose gold, it can be powered via battery or a USB. A small charging cable is also included, though no adapter or battery pack. As noted by Woman's Day, this LED menorah is a brilliant choice if you live with pets or small children and are worried about potential fire safety hazards but still want a menorah of your own. 

Fill your home with the scent of comforting foods before the cooking even starts

If your mantel is on the smaller side, you can't go wrong with a selection of one or two themed candles. Place the Homesick Latkes and Lights candle in the center for a charming and cozy look. A great scented candle gift for anybody on your list, the Homesick candle "delivers all the scents of mom's holiday kitchen to any room in the house" (via TasteofHome). You'll be drawn in by its initial notes of baked apple, potato, and butter, followed by pomegranate and pound cake in the middle, and base notes of sweet vanilla, sugar, and musk. 

This decoration combines style and tradition in one

Another stunning decorative object, this Blue Onyx Star of David is as gorgeous as it is traditional. As outlined by the Sunday Riley Edit, often Hanukkah decorations don't look the best in your immaculately designed living space. This star will decorate your mantel well without looking out of place in a modern setting. Blue onyx is also "known for providing strength and alignment with higher guidance," making this star an even more fitting mantel decoration as well as a way to honor tradition and take pride in your religion.

Last but not least, this mantel decor piece will appeal to all the family

Finally, the Classic Light-Up Hanukkah Village from Pottery Barn Kids will fill you with warmth every time you see it due to its sweet design. Featuring a glitter-encrusted snowy exterior, a blue roof, and matching blue-tipped windows, it adheres to traditionally American Hanukkah colors in an aesthetic and contemporary way. Plus, as pointed out by the Sunday Riley Edit, the menorah in the window will reflect your own menorah as you prepare for Hanukkah. You and your guests are guaranteed to love this cozy holiday scene, which would look gorgeous placed on top of any mantel.