Do Ankle Tattoos Hurt?

When you want to decorate your ankle, sometimes jewelry just isn't enough. What better way to spice up your joint than with a cute tattoo? Since this part of the body has a low surface area, it makes for a particularly great spot for flash tattoos. Flash tattoos are small, pre-made designs, according to Authority Tattoo. There are flash tattoos tailored to specific artists and others that are universal, regardless of the artist or parlor. The most popular designs include hearts, infinity symbols, and lips.

However, the ankle allows for a variety of tattoos, per Tattoodo. Designs can grace the front, back, or sides of your ankle. There is also the best of both worlds with a wrap-around ankle tattoo. It might be a great area to try out the abstract tattoo trend, in fact. This ankle art can accentuate your foot or be your little secret hidden underneath a sock. If you're ready for your ankle tattoo, you should know how much they hurt first. 

Ankle tattoos are among the most painful

Tattoos are generally painful but differ based on each individual's pain tolerance. However, some body parts are considerably worse to get tattooed than others. According to Byrdie, the ankle is one of those painful places since the skin there is so thin. Places with a cushion of muscle or fat are typically the least painful places to get a tattoo, in comparison. 

Healthline compares the pain of an ankle tattoo to that of one on your rib cage. On the bright side, with a small flash tattoo, you won't have to suffer for too long. Thankfully, when you leave the shop with new ink, the proper aftercare can also prevent prolonged pain. WebMD suggests cold showers while your skin is healing as super hot water can irritate and even fade your tattoo. 

Twice a day, gently wash your tattoo with water and soap, pat dry, and then apply ointment or Vaseline. There are a few things to consider before getting a tattoo but, if the pain is a deciding factor, you may want to reconsider the ankle as a spot. 

These are the other most painful spots

Sadly, it seems some of the cutest areas to tattoo are also among the most painful. According to Byrdie, your rib cage will be the most pressing tattoo to sit through. The thin skin and bone are a double hitter for pain. Bony areas are usually the sorest in general. According to Healthline, the nerves in your bones cause vibrating pain. Bones aren't the only thing you have to worry about either. Tattooing over nerves, arteries, glands, and veins is also painful, per Chronic Ink Tattoo

Areas like the feet, armpits, elbows, and knees are incredibly tough, but numbing cream can offer you some relief during your tattoo session. Tattoo Wizard notes that these creams last for up to four hours but they are most effective in the earlier half of their activation. However, they don't work right away. Follow the instructions on your cream to know when to apply, so you can be nice and numb when that needle hits your skin. No matter what, though, it's going to hurt.