The Best Faux Pelotons That Will Still Make You Work Up A Sweat

Many exercise enthusiasts enjoy how Peloton bikes and instructors help users get fitness class-style workouts from their homes whenever they want. After all, the tech-meets-fitness company has nearly two million followers on Instagram and nearly 100,000 followers on TikTok at the time of writing.

Furthermore, the Peloton experience has become so popular that Cody Rigsby, a popular Peloton instructor, was a contestant on "Dancing with the Stars." Rigsby himself shared his insight on the popularity of Peloton with The Los Angeles Times, saying: "There's a lot of people who can give a credible [fitness] class. But how do you keep people engaged... I think it is the stories that we tell, the vulnerability that we show, the laughter that we share." Between the convenience of an at-home workout and charismatic Peloton instructors like Jess King and Rigsby, the company has a lot going for it. However, the untold truth of Peloton is that the prices aren't so likable.

The Peloton Bike costs around $1,500, and the Peloton Bike+ costs about $2,500, and that doesn't even include the $44 monthly membership fee you have to pay each month. However, the good news is that if you want an excellent fitness bike without paying Peloton prices, there are other options.

The Boom Bike Arctic White

The Boom Bike Arctic White Budget-Friendly Home Studio Bike is available at Freebeat for about $700 at the time of writing, offering a similar vibe to Peloton but for a fraction of the price. Suitable for anyone between 5'0" and 6'4" tall, below 300 pounds, and at least 14 years old, this bike will help you get your sweat on for a productive workout. The fitness bike has a touchscreen feature so you can follow along with workout sessions through the screen — sounds like Peloton, right? — without paying Peloton prices. And for anyone who wants to enjoy a colorful aesthetic while they work out, the product has Smart light strips that present different hues depending on how fast you're going. This feature is convenient for fitness influencers who decide to buy the bike!

In terms of reviews, this fitness bike has 4.6 out of five stars at the time of writing. One happy reviewer wrote, "Best purchase I've ever made! This bike is phenomenal and I get the best workouts. Since my local gym closed down, I have lost my chance to exercise. This bike has helped me get my strength back and my endurance."

The Echelon — Smart Connect EX3 Exercise Bike

Featuring 32 resistance levels, the Echelon — Smart Connect EX3 Exercise Bike & Free 30-day membership is available at Best Buy for about $800. The bike uses Bluetooth technology and is compatible with apps. Furthermore, the item weighs 110 pounds and is most suitable for people who weigh less than 300 pounds. The fitness bike provides an excellent workout for various areas of your body. Also, you can adjust the handlebars and seat for your comfort, and there's a convenient feature to hold a water bottle to help you remember to stay hydrated while working out. Once you're ready to go, users can access 1,600 pre-programmed workouts, making it an excellent choice for anyone craving variety.

This exercise bike has 4.3 out of five stars at Best Buy, earning high scores for value, quality, and ease of use, and 88% of customers recommend the product. One pleased reviewer described it as a "great Alternative to a Peloton," and another happy customer wrote: "I originally was going to get a Peloton... essentially, I purchased this unit which is lower in price. The quality is excellent, it was super easy to put together and the online classes are fun and engaging!"

Sunny Health & Fitness Pro II Indoor Cycling Bike With Device Mount and Advanced Display

The Sunny Health & Fitness Pro II Indoor Cycling Bike With Device Mount and Advanced Display is a steal — you can purchase it from Amazon for just below $200 at the time of writing. The battery-powered fitness bike weighs just under 100 pounds and is suitable for people 275 pounds or less. Plus, you can adjust the seat for ensured comfort while you exercise. And when using the product, you can monitor how fast and long you go, along with other details. You can also put your tablet in the device holder to listen to music or follow along with the Sunny Health & Fitness videos. Don't forget to put your water or Gatorade bottle in the holder so you don't get too thirsty as you work up a sweat!

Not only is this affordable bike over $1,000 less expensive than a Peloton, but it has 4.5 stars on Amazon with over 1,400 reviews, earning praise for convenience, sturdiness, and lack of noise. One satisfied reviewer wrote, "Very solid build... I'm 6'3 and have no problem using it," while a second reviewer noted their bike was still going strong after a full year of use. 

So, which of these Peloton alternatives do you plan to purchase for your next workout?