Jaicy Elliot Wants To Do A Grey's Anatomy Hallmark Christmas Movie With These Grey's Actors - Exclusive

When you think about it, medical dramas and Christmas movies are similar in more than a few ways. In addition to amping up the drama to 11, both kinds of projects deeply hone in on the characters, and the setting is little more than set decoration to tell human stories. Sure, medical jargon is fun, and holiday lights are pretty, but at the end of the day, fans of these genres are here for the characters — the themes are just an added bonus.

Given the overlap in heart between both niches, it's no surprise that "Grey's Anatomy" alum Jaicy Elliot (Dr. Taryn Helm) is well-versed in both genres. So, why not mix the two for a fun shakeup?

The List spoke to Elliot in an exclusive interview about "My Southern Family Christmas," where she pitched an epic "Grey's Anatomy" holiday movie and named the "Grey's" co-stars that immediately sprang to mind for the hypothetical project. Her Hallmark co-star Ryan Rottman chimed in with his own suggestions as well.

30 CCs of eggnog

On the biggest differences between "Grey's Anatomy" and "My Southern Family Christmas" Elliot said, "That is a good question. Interestingly enough, it's actually very similar to 'Grey's Anatomy' because we have the same rhythm as 'Grey's.'"

Elliot explained the filming structure of Christmas movies, adding, "Hallmark shoots in three weeks, so it's an average of five to seven pages a day, and that's what we get on Hallmark as well. It's a nice transition to go from one to the other because it allows for the same kind of work, and I can apply the same preparedness for it. That's cool."

As it turns out, when it comes to whether there are there any "Grey's Anatomy" co-stars she wants to work with in a Christmas movie, Elliot has a few names in mind. She said, " ... Jake Borelli, who plays Levi Schmitt on 'Grey's Anatomy,' is ... one of my best friends, and he's also a fan of Hallmark," she noted. "We've talked about wanting to do a Christmas movie together. That'd be fun."

Rottman suggested McDreamy, and Elliot said, "And McDreamy and McSteamy and all of that." Rottman compared the dialogue, saying, "You've got the dialogue, though, from 'Grey's Anatomy.' We're saying, 'Cool, we're in Sorento, Louisiana.' [In] your show, you're like, 'Give me 30 CCs, stat.'"

Elliot brought up that Rottman had done a medical show, too, but he reminded her that he played a chef in the project. Elliot said, "Different dialogue."

At our joke, "30 CCs of eggnog," Elliot said, "Exactly. Put [it in] an IV." Who needs a blood transfusion when you can get an eggnog transfusion? Step aside, true love's kiss — there's a new cure in town.

Fans can catch "My Southern Family Christmas" on Hallmark on Friday, December 9 at 2a/1c.