The Last British Coin Featuring Queen Elizabeth Has A Harry Potter Connection

The Royal Mint has given some members of the royal family the "Harry Potter" treatment. Per the Mirror, the special coin collection has been launched to celebrate 25 years of the "Harry Potter" series. 

However, the collection has a bittersweet aspect due to the fact that the coins will be the last collectibles to feature the late Queen Elizabeth II. As is standard for collectible coins, the portrait will be on the back of the coin, with the front side showing a "Harry Potter" illustration. The coins that do not have Her Late Majesty on will feature a portrait of her son King Charles III, who has already shaken up UK currency as the current reigning monarch. 

The four coins are equivalent to 50 pence each and can be purchased directly from The Royal Mint website. According to the organization, the coins mark "the first time the world of Harry Potter stories has been celebrated on UK coins." Both regular and more expensive limited edition coins in gold or silver are available in the same collection.

The coins mark both a series of firsts and lasts in British culture

All of the featured "Harry Potter" illustrations were designed by Jim Kay or Ffion Gwillim. The coins display either the Hogwarts Express or Harry himself in a colorful portrait, complete with his iconic round glasses. Intriguingly, when moved, some coins will show the signature lightning bolt motif of the series as well as the number "25."

Mandy Archer, editorial director at Bloomsbury Children's Books, spoke about the collaboration, saying the company was "delighted" to see the coin collection (via the Mirror). She also praised the illustration work seen on the coins, stating, "Jim Kay's evocation of the Hogwarts Express instantly whisks you away to platform nine and three-quarters — the very start of Harry's magical journey. It's a joy to see his stunning book illustration so skilfully and beautifully rendered on a new silver anniversary coin."

It's good news for "Harry Potter" fans in general as The Royal Mint has confirmed that the collection will be added to in 2023. The new coins will feature Professor Dumbledore and more images of Hogwarts in general, perfect for any fan's growing collection.