The Right Way To Start Waxing Your Eyebrows At Home

Eyebrows are so important to our overall look. Whether you like to wear your eyebrows full and fluffy, or if you like bleaching your eyebrows, these small strips of hair can say a lot about you and your personality.

A great way to keep your eyebrows looking fresh and stylish is to get them waxed. Waxing your eyebrows is a quick and efficient way of removing unwanted hairs in that area. Many women prefer waxing over tweezing because it's quicker and gives longer-lasting results than plucking the hairs one by one (via WebMD.) That's why so many people enjoy going to the salon to get their brows plucked and pampered. But getting your eyebrows done at a salon can be a luxury that costs more time and money than you'd like to spend. Bodycare Vault reports the average professional eyebrow waxing is between $8 and $20 per visit.

Instead of giving up waxing altogether, waxing your eyebrows at home is a cheaper alternative that will get you similar or even better results than visiting a salon. Waxing your eyebrows at home for the first time can be intimidating. We're not going to lie; the process itself can get a little messy. But if you follow our steps, your at-home waxing session will take off without a hitch.

You'll need to use a specific type of wax on your eyebrows

The first step you can take in waxing your eyebrows at home is finding yourself the perfect wax, as not all wax works the same. Certain types perform better on facial hair than they will on other hairy areas. For example, Adorable Makeover suggests using a hard wax for waxing your brows instead of a soft wax. Soft wax works amazing at removing hair from bigger areas, but it will only make a mess if you try to use it on your face. Hard wax has an easier time grabbing finer hairs, so it should be your go-to wax for eyebrow waxing.

Once you've selected the correct type of wax, follow the instructions on its exterior to get it prepared for your at-home waxing session. While it's preparing, your next step is to clean and prep your face. Award-winning wax brand Happy Waxing by Perron Rigot tells beginner eyebrow waxers to use a tissue to dry and clean the area around their eyebrows, moisturize with a lotion, and then follow up with an oil before waxing.

These simple tricks will give you the best eyebrow waxing results

In an interview with Cosmopolitan, Marta Grochowska-Camkiran, a senior aesthetician and facial hair removal expert, tells readers that the secret to achieving beautiful brows at home is determining your brow shape before waxing. Grab yourself a mirror and use a brow pencil to mark the beginning, the arch, and the tail of each eyebrow. Connect the markings, and you'll have a definitive shape of your brows. It's like setting up a blueprint. With the drawing in place, it'll be clear where the stray hairs are, and now you'll know exactly where to place your wax when it's time to swab it on.

You should be sure you're applying your wax in the same direction your hair grows. Hard wax works best when it's layered on thick, so use enough to ensure that it's easy to grab the edge once it's hardened (via SELF). Then, pull your skin so that it's taut and won't bounce, before pulling off your hardened wax, making sure to pull against the direction of your hair's growth. This will maximize the amount of hair you're removing.

Breaking out after your wax is common, so be sure to soothe your brow area with a moisturizer once you're done waxing.