The Best Way To Clean Your Ugg Boots

Once a 2000s staple, the Ugg boot has made a triumphant comeback. Whether you love or hate the mini Ugg trend that has been sweeping TikTok or can't wait to sink your feet into your staple pair of Uggs, it cannot be denied that these boots truly seem to be everywhere. 

Though Uggs are expensive, their iconic look and reputation for being super comfortable means they have made a strong comeback even outside of the Y2K revival trend. Models Kaia Gerber, Ella Hosk, and Kendall Jenner have all been spotted wearing a pair, which means only one thing — the Ugg boot is back, and it's on-trend (via Glamour).

However, there is one issue with the sheepskin boots, and that's how to clean them. Due to the soft suede exterior of most Ugg boots, it's difficult to know where to start with cleaning them, especially if you're worried about staining or marking them permanently. Luckily, there are several ways to clean your Uggs so they look good as new for their next outing.

These few steps will have your Ugg boots looking fresher than ever

Per Good Morning America, you'll need a washcloth and the Ugg Care Kit to clean your boots. (If you don't have that kit, we'll share more suggestions in a minute.) First, grab your washcloth and dampen the dirtiest spots. Place the cleaner and conditioner from the kit on the washcloth, and gently pat the dirty areas, following up with the scruff eraser for any particularly stubborn marks. 

Next, dampen your washcloth again, squeeze it out, and pat your boot all over. This step is to stop waterlines from forming and creating an uneven look. 

Finally, stuff your boots with paper towels and leave them to dry. The paper towels will allow your boots to keep their shape as they dry. If your boots look slightly off when fully dry, use the brush included in the care kit to whip them back into shape.

Keep in mind that this isn't the only way to clean your Ugg boots. The brand recommends using a suede brush for dry stains before going all-in with the above steps. If your Uggs aren't necessarily dirty but are suffering from the tang of you wearing them every day, try spritzing them with a fabric spray like the Ugg Shoe Renew to keep them smelling fresh.

Your Uggs will look sparkly clean after you give them some DIY TLC

If you can't get your hands on the Ugg Care Kit, no worries. There are plenty of alternative solutions to rescue your Ugg boots from being stained. Per The Spruce, items that most of us have at home already can help refresh your Uggs. 

For example, baking soda can help with odor. Simply sprinkle 1/2 cup into each boot, and wait for it to work its magic overnight. Just make sure to vacuum out every inch of powder in the morning to prevent even more mess.

White vinegar is another common household ingredient that could save your Uggs from ruin. According to Good Housekeeping, it can be used to remove salt stains picked up from winter sidewalks. Create a 50/50 mixture of water and vinegar before gently applying this mix to the stains with a washcloth. Rinse it off with plain water, and then dab dry with a clean cloth. This should help to remove the worst of the salt marks.

Despite the above tips, we still advise against wearing your suede Uggs in the rain or slush unless you want to spend a very long time removing stains.