How To Fix Concealer Creasing Under Your Eyes

Pretty much everyone has natural lines and creases on their face. Whether they came along slowly with each passing year or were caused by repeated facial movements like smiling, facial creases are completely natural. While some prefer to fill those lines in with dermal filler or Botox, others rely on the power of makeup to turn back time and smooth the complexion.

However, when it comes to the delicate undereye area, it seems like no makeup can perfectly hide those natural creases. Makeup artist Brenna D nailed it when she told Ipsy: "Skin is alive, and it moves and adapts its temperature regularly. There are many tips and tricks that could help you with feeling confident in your makeup all night, but it's important to be realistic."

So, if you've been discouraged about your makeup creasing under your eyes, rest assured, it's completely normal. And despite what you may see on social media, nobody's face is perfectly crease-free. Whether you tend to coat several layers of your favorite anti-aging undereye concealer in an attempt to hide those creases or you've just given up entirely, there are techniques you can implement to make your undereye area as smooth and seamless as possible.

Try to prevent creasing before it happens with this genius hack

Undereye creasing occurs when makeup products, especially thick concealer, settle into those fine lines under the eye. This is especially true if too much concealer is applied on top of unprepped skin. So, the first thing you want to do before applying any makeup is create a hydrated base with a moisturizer. Then, go ahead and apply your foundation and concealer as usual with whatever technique you prefer, ensuring you don't go overboard with the amount.

The next step is the most important one. Before you grab your setting powder to keep that makeup in place, reach for your beauty blender. "We all have natural lines there; it's natural to have them," beauty influencer Nina Ubhi says in a YouTube video on the topic. "Now, the reason you're seeing those lines enhance later in the day is that you've got concealer or foundation in there, and they're sitting in those lines."

What you want to do is completely clear out the product from those lines before setting with powder. To do this, take the tip of your beauty sponge and gently push it up to remove any product from inside the crease. Then, set the undereye with a powder puff, pressing the powder into the area. The powder will smooth everything out without sitting on top of concealer-filled lines. Wipe away any excess powder with a small, clean brush.

What to do after your undereye has already creased

Preventing unsightly makeup blunders throughout the day is one thing, but fixing them once they've already formed is another, especially when it comes to a creased undereye. Makeup can be so finicky sometimes! While it's true that makeup is difficult to fix once set, there are things you can do to remedy this issue.

First, hold off on applying any more makeup in that area, as it will only accentuate that crease even more. Instead, take your tried-and-true damp beauty sponge and lightly dab it under the eye. This dampens the makeup there so that it can be moved before resetting. A few spritzes of hydrating facial spray also may help melt your makeup back into place.

If you're out and about and don't have a beauty sponge on you, try using your finger to dab the area. A very light application of powder after that may help smooth everything all out, but be mindful of the amount you use, especially if you have many fine lines in the area — it can make the creasing appear worse. FYI, you're probably the only one who noticed that creasing. So, if you find that it's there and have nothing on-hand to fix it, take a deep breath. Chances are, nobody but you even knows it.