Joy Behar's Harsh Critique Of Harry And Meghan's Docuseries

Reviews of the much-anticipated "Harry & Meghan" Netflix documentary series dropped almost as soon as the end credits rolled on December 8. As could be predicted, supporters of Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, applauded their honesty, while critics were brutal. Piers Morgan cut down Harry and Meghan's series with one snarky word: "whine-a-thon." A reporter for The Guardian called it "so sickening I almost brought up my breakfast." Vox yawned that the Sussexes' revelations bring "nothing new to the table."

The ladies of "The View" also had some thoughts of their own as well. One segment that was of particular interest was a statement Prince Harry made about his need to protect Meghan from being bullied in the tabloids. He explained that his family members shrugged off his concerns, saying other royal in-laws had endured similar media bashing. Harry argued this was a different situation, because of "the race element." Co-host Ana Navarro noted that Harry's upbringing as a white man living in the world of British royalty hadn't prepared him for the realities of being married to a multiracial woman in a society that isn't yet fully equal. "Nobody who lives in a Hispanic skin, or who lives in an Afro-Latina skin, is shocked by the fact that there is racism," she said.

The hosts offered more opinions as well, but none more surprising than that of Joy Behar, who closed the segment with a shocking admission.

Joy Behar wasn't impressed with Harry and Meghan's documentary

It's interesting to speculate what the conversation about the "Harry & Meghan" documentary series would have been like if Meghan McCain were still on the "The View."  McCain's review for the Daily Mail called it "the tantrum of two entitled brats," and worried it might damage relations between the U.S. and UK. However, without the controversial co-host, the other panelists were, on the whole, complimentary. Although Ana Navarro was struck by Prince Harry's comments on racism, she was more saddened by the ongoing rift between Harry and William, Prince of Wales, because she herself had a brother who died. "If there's something I could redo in my life, it's that I would've liked to spend more time with my brother," she said.

Most of the hosts were also heartened by the Sussexes' relationship. "They have a beautiful love story," sighed Sunny Hostin. Sara Haines agreed (via Twitter): "You could always tell he loved her, but I really got a sense for what swept her away, in a way that I hadn't yet." 

However, Joy Behar got in the last word — one that took her fellow panelists totally by surprise. "I found the show boring, frankly, I'm sorry to say," she said. "I wasn't that interested in them before, and now I'm even less interested." Maybe she'll change her mind after the second half; per Elle, the final three episodes will air on December 15.