The Best Long Hairstyles For Every Face Shape

Your patience has paid off, and you finally have the long hair of your dreams, but finding the best hairstyle for your face shape can be challenging. You might feel tempted to go for a chop and opt for a shorter low, maintenance hair-do, but don't do that just yet! Not until you've tried the right long hairstyle for your shape.

Before looking for the most suitable long hairstyle hair expert, Sam Burnett told Marie Claire your most important goal is to look after your hair. "The biggest thing to remember with long hair is that it needs to look healthy," says Burnett. Once your hair is healthy, cosmetologist and hair expert, Ghanima Abdullah, says the best way to find the best hairstyle depends on your particular face shape (via She Finds). Faces come in different shapes: round, long, square, rectangle, inverted triangle, triangle, heart, diamond, and oval. But the most versatile and desired is the oval face shape. Jenny Cho, a celebrity hairstylist, told Today: "The goal is to create the illusion of an oval face shape by playing with the hair's texture and volume." So get to a mirror and identify your face shape because below are long hairstyles to suit every face:

Round-shaped face: Straight and sleek

If you have long hair, a round face, and naturally straight hair, consider yourself lucky because straight and sleek hair looks great on a round face. How do you know if you have a round face? Round faces are circular and don't have angular features (via Cosmopolitan). If your chin is rounded and your cheekbones are the widest part of your face, you have a round face, per Byrdie. Actresses like Isla Fisher and Mila Kunis are two A-listers with round faces who regularly style their long hair in a straight, sleek way. Fisher and Kunis have even appeared on the red carpet with this hairdo, looking both elegant and simple.

Celebrity hairstylist and beauty expert Mario Solis told The List, "straight and sleek hair actually compliments round faces great because it elongates the face and doesn't make it appear so round." Solis said straight, sleek hair adds a face frame that can "create movement for those that like more texture." The good news is you can achieve a straight, sleek look even if you don't have naturally straight hair: Be sure to wash and dry your hair with a hair dryer before using a hair straightener to create this look. If you want straight hair for an extended period, talk to your hairstylist about keratin hair straightening treatment (via Stylecraze). Hair professional Nate Rosenkranz says if you have a round face shape, you should leave hair down and "avoid tucking it behind your ear."

Long-shaped face: A low-neck ponytail

If you have a round chin and jawline and your face is longer than wide, you have a long face shape (via Today). When considering hairstyles for your face, the goal is to create a sense of balance and soften facial angles (via GoodToKnow). A low-neck ponytail accentuates the features and softly frames your face. Hairdresser Saivo Ierna recommends a low-neck ponytail with a bit of width through the sides, as high ponytails can make a face look longer.

Hair expert Mario Solis told The List that someone with a longer-shaped face might create a longer illusion with a low-neck ponytail if they don't style their hair correctly. So, he recommends adding "a side part with a mid-volumized pony or even a low volumized pony with a center part with some curtain bangs or even a piecey bang to create more of an oval illusion," advised Solis.

Celebrities with long faces include Sarah Jessica Parker and Liv Tyler. Both have been spotted with low-neck ponytails enhancing their beauty and by flicking the end of their ponytails forward, adding more volume near their chins which gives their jawline a softer, streamlined look (via Stylecraze). If you want to pull off this look but have straight, thin hair, you should style your hair first. "To add fullness to the tail of the pony, I suggest curling the hair in alternate directions to add some texture and volume," Sarah Klein, a Los Angeles-based professional hairstylist, told InStyle.

Square-shaped face: Opt for wavy texture

A square face is defined by a solid angular jawline and is popular in Hollywood as it tends to be photogenic, according to Byrdie. A good look for those with a square face is to give the hair a wavy texture. Texture complements a square face by drawing attention to the cheekbones rather than the jawline. To achieve a wavy textured look, celebrity hairstylist Giovanni Vaccaro advises creating volume for a square face and recommends using a curling iron to create bouncy waves instead of a flat iron that can leave hair looking lifeless, per Byrdie.

Angelina Jolie is a celebrity with a square face who knows what look suits her best and is famous for her loose waves and center hair part. Those with square faces can wear their hair in many different ways, but women with long and square faces favor a center part (via Cosmopolitan). Celebrity hairstylist Giovanni Vaccaro told Byrdie that those with square faces should aim to "take attention completely away from the jawline and put it on the length of the hair." Wavy hair beautifully compliments a strong jawline by adding softness. If you want wavy hair that is not dry-looking, hairstylist Hiral Bhatia says the secret is hydration. Bhatia recommends using a good leave-in conditioner, and a drop of argan oil will "help retain the moisture," per Vogue.

Rectangle or oblong-shaped face: Center-parted waves

Rectangle and oblong-shaped faces tend to be more angular, just like square-shaped faces, so similar styles suit both. If you have a more angular face and want to soften your look, wear your hair with a center part and go for tight but beachy waves like Hilary Swank's (via Byrdie). However, if you have naturally straight hair, do not fret. According to Charlotte Mensah, hairstylist and founder of London-based salon Hair Lounge, waves can be achieved even if you have straight hair. "Waves can work on any type of hair – it goes back to products and technique," Mensah told Stylist.

Hair expert Mario Solis says those with oblong and rectangle-shaped faces should also consider adding face-framing with layers or bangs as this "can create the illusion of an oval shape and also can soften up the defined structure." "You can also style with curtain bangs just to remove the focus on the more structured areas of the face," Solis told The List. Singer Kelly Rowland is an example of a celebrity with an oblong face who has experimented with and pulled off different types of bangs, from side-swept to curtain bangs. In addition, Rowland knows how to style her natural curls hair with the right volume and texture. "Texture is a huge one with oblong face shapes," hairstylist McKenzie Lehmann told Byrdie. "By adding texture to the hair, it will add width to make the face shape more symmetric."

Inverted triangle-shaped face: A sleek low fishtail is an easy and chic style

You have an inverted-triangle type face where your chin appears smaller than the width of your forehead. An easy and low-maintenance hairstyle for this face shape is a sleek low fishtail, which will frame your face the right way (via Byrdie). The soft fishtail is easy to learn and perfect for those who want to keep their hair healthy by avoiding hair tools to style their hair. The style is best achieved on unwashed hair and should be finished with hairspray so your braid does not lose its structure, per Byrdie. Hair expert Raven Hurtado recommends layers for those with an inverted-triangular face, per Byrdie. "It's a lighter, softer and stylish look without being too long that'll pull everything down," Hurtado noted.

Ashlee Simpson and Victoria Beckham are two celebrities with the inverted- triangular face shape and often opt for hairstyles that accentuate their cheekbones rather than their chins. While Beckham is a fan of layers that shape her face, Simpson wears braids often, usually bringing the bottom of her braid forward to add volume and texture around her face.

Triangle-shaped face: Add a touch of vintage with shiny curls

A triangular face shape is one where the forehead is narrower, and the jawline is wide (via Cosmopolitan). According to Stylecraze, the triangle face is one of the least common face shapes that only a few celebrities have. An example of a triangular face is that of singer and actress Lucy Hale, who has a wider jawline. Hale beautifully frames her face with her long hair and often ops for wavy or shiny curls.

Those with triangle faces tend to look great with vintage shiny curls, which frames their face and are effortless to wear, per Stylecraze. But achieving the perfect vintage curls can be difficult. According to curly hair expert and celebrity hair stylist, Nai'vasha, you can achieve great curls with a curling iron. "There's nothing wrong with curling it with curling irons — not straightening — then setting it, then brushing it out to have big, voluminous hair," she told Fashionista. For those opting for less direct heat on their hair and a more traditional way of achieving curls, Nai'vasha also recommends big rollers that sit under the dryer.

Heart-shaped face: Side-swept hair and layers will flatter

One of the most iconic celebrities with a heart-shaped face is Reese Witherspoon. You share Witherspoon's face shape if your chin is narrower and your forehead is the widest part of your face, per Byrdie. With a team of hair experts at her disposal, Witherspoon's hairstyles inspire those with a heart-shaped face. The blonde beauty often opts for longer bangs and textured layers which accentuate her cheekbones. Witherspoon also alternates between parting her hair either to the side or middle. Hair expert Mario Solis told The List that longer center-parted hair looks great on those with a heart-shaped face as it can "remove the focus from a super defined or structured jaw."

Actress Zooey Deschanel is another heart-shape faced A-lister. Deschanel wears her hair out and is known for her stylish bangs. Celebrity hair stylist, Anthony Nader, told Vogue that a heart-shaped face looks fantastic with bangs and gives a softer look. "This means your bangs will be longer on the outer edges and slightly shorter in the middle." Nader recommends textured layers because "having one length will only emphasis your cheeks and small forehead."

Diamond-shaped face: Blunt front bangs accentuate your best features

You have a diamond-shaped face if you have a small pointed chin and wider cheekbones (via Byrdie). Jennifer Lopez and Tyra Banks are examples of celebrities with diamond-shaped faces. Lopez and Banks have worn bangs that soften and shorten their faces during their careers. Supermodel Tyra Banks usually opts for full bangs that highlight her bone structure and draw attention to her natural hazel eyes. Meanwhile, Lopez usually opts for side-swept bangs and extra volume. According to Abramite, this is an excellent choice as a diamond-shaped face is beautifully framed with high volume and side-swept bangs. "The hairline and forehead are important features to take into consideration with a diamond-shaped face when creating a style," Hairstylist Amy Abramite told Byrdie.

Finding the right bangs for your face is essential, but it's also important to consider the maintenance of bangs. The last thing you want to do is rush to get bangs that are difficult to manage and don't go with the texture of your hair. According to Los Angeles-based hairstylist Clariss Rubenstein, finding the perfect bangs for you might take time and some trial and error. It's also a good idea to ask a hairstylist to take you through the steps of looking after your bangs and recommend the right hair care products to keep your hair looking healthy and shiny. "Bangs shouldn't take too much time to style. Two to three minutes, tops," Rubenstein told Allure.

Oval-shaped face: You can do it all, so why not experiment

You have an oval face shape if your face shape looks like an upside-down egg, or you have a forehead that is only a "tiny bit wider than their curved chin," according to Byrdie. Hair and beauty experts all agree that this is the most versatile and desirable face shape. "Oval face shapes can pull off most styles, as they have the most universal and symmetrical face shapes," celebrity hairstylist Justine Marjan told Good Housekeeping. Hairstylist Anthony Nader agrees, telling Vogue achieving the symmetry and balance of the oval face shape should be "your ultimate goal" when thinking about your new haircut. So if you are lucky enough to have this face shape already, why not try different looks? As most haircuts look great on an oval face shape, Southern Living recommends adventurous styles like trying different types of bangs, textured layered cuts, and asymmetrical looks.

Oscar-winning actress Charlize Theron uses the versatility of her oval face to experiment with both up and down hairstyles. When wearing her hair up, Theron uses designer headbands to pull most of her hair back and draw focus to the symmetry of her face, a dramatic effect that highlights her flawless facial features and the softness of her jawline. Jessica Alba, who also has an oval-shaped face, experiments less with her hair. Instead, Alba prefers to wear her hair down on the red carpet, showing off luscious curls and perfectly balanced facial features.

Every face shape: Mermaid Waves for long hair

Although certain styles are more suited to specific face shapes, the good news is that there are hairstyles that create symmetry and balance that everyone can wear. Mermaid waves are a versatile hairstyle that is ideal for long-haired women and customizable, so they tend to suit every face shape. Sometimes confused with beach waves, mermaid waves are a bit different. "Mermaid waves are a more sculpted variation of beach waves," Jeremy Tardo, a Los Angeles-based hairstylist, told The Zoe Report. According to Tardo, mermaid waves have a more uniform movement in an S-shape.

Sarah Potempa, Celebrity Hairstylist and Founder of The Beachwaver Co. says although mermaid waves are "amazing on most face shapes," she recommends this type of styling on hair that has a lot of layers or bangs. "Bangs and layers make it more difficult to blend the hair together with a waver tool like the 3B Waver and would be better suited being styled with a small barrel curling iron," Potempa told The List.

Gossip Girl star Blake Lively and model Gigi Hadid are both big fans of mermaid waves. Although the A-listers have different face shapes, Lively has a heart-shaped face, while Hadid's face is oval, but both look fantastic with mermaid hair. Celebrity hairstylist and founder of Trademark Beauty Joseph Maine told Marie Claire that mermaid waves are becoming very popular. "People are loving this style because the waves are so easy to achieve," Maine told Marie Claire.