Where Has Bridget Forrester Been On The Bold And The Beautiful?

"The Bold and the Beautiful" typically relies on a handful of characters for its central storylines. Usually, the Forresters, Spencers, and Logans receive the bulk of the screen time. For the older generation, Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang), Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye), and Taylor Hayes (Krista Allen) appear the most. For the younger crew, Hope Spencer (Annika Noelle), Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood), and Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) are typically the focus. 

However, other characters — often blasts from the past — pop in every now and then, making an impact during their limited screen time. For a substantial period in the 2000s, one character who went through the wringer while frequently finding herself in the middle of the drama was Bridget Forrester (Ashley Jones). As the daughter of Brooke and Eric Forrester (John McCook), Bridget is considered a "legacy" character. She has genuine ties to the canvas, and what happens to her holds more weight (via Soap Central).

Despite leaving the series as a full-time character in 2012, Bridget has made numerous visits to Los Angeles over the years. Sometimes, she's there for a family gathering, and occasionally, Bridger finds herself smack dab in the middle of everyone's drama. However, regardless of the reason for her visits, Bridget always has a lot going on, and it's a pleasure for viewers to check in with "Bold's" favorite doctor (via Soaps.com). 

Relationship woes contributed to Bridget leaving town

Bridget Forrester's initial run on "The Bold and the Beautiful" was besieged by drama. Despite numerous attempts at true love and marriage, finding happiness with a man was never in the cards for her, at least not for long. To make matters worse, Bridget often found herself playing second fiddle to her mother, Brooke Logan. She was not only involved in a love triangle with Brooke and Nick Marone (Jack Wagner), but her ex-husband Deacon Sharpe (Sean Kanan) cheated on her with Brooke, even fathering a child with her, Hope Logan (via Soaps In Depth).

Eventually, Bridget fell into bed with a man named Owen Knight (Brandon Beemer), ultimately falling pregnant with his child. However, their dynamic was also complicated, with the couple splitting soon after welcoming their son. After she became a mother, Bridget's appearances on "Bold" were fewer and farther between, with her ultimately disappearing from the canvas altogether (via Soaps.com).

Many of Bridget's surprise visits at the beginning of her recurring status were for large family functions, such as her brother, Rick Forrester's (Jacob Young), wedding to Maya Avant (Karla Cheatham Mosley). Nothing substantial happened during that visit or any of her previous trips to Los Angeles, but in recent years, things have kicked up a notch whenever Bridget comes to town. The stakes have been far greater than before. 

Bridget defended her mother against Quinn's attack

It wasn't until 2020 that Bridget Forrester's visits to her family in Los Angeles had any kind of impact on "The Bold and the Beautiful"s storylines. It was supposed to be a night designed to celebrate the love of Brooke Logan and Ridge Forrester, but unfortunately for Bridget, her presence was needed to comfort her mother and combat her rival, Quinn Fuller (Rena Sofer). Thanks to Quinn's devious tactics, the night to remember quickly turned into a nightmare for the happy couple. Luckily, Brooke had Bridget there as moral support (via Soaps.com).

Quinn uploaded a scandalous video of Brooke kissing her sister Katie Logan's (Heather Tom) husband, Bill Spencer (Don Diamont). Everyone in the room was stunned by what they were witnessing, especially Ridge, who was once again devasted by another betrayal from Brooke. Plus, Bridget took the time to make a plea about her disapproval of her father, Eric Forrester, remaining married to Quinn (via Michael Fairman TV).

Bridget didn't let Quinn walk all over her mother, though, engaging in a verbal spar with the woman responsible for another obstacle in Brooke and Ridge's marriage. However, none of that compares to the high-octane nature of Bridget's 2022 return. Her arrival earlier this year was quite literally a life-and-death situation with members of her family relying on Bridget to prevent the death of one of their loved ones. 

Bridget was instrumental in saving Steffy's life

In 2021, Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown Pelzer) unexpectedly returned to "The Bold and the Beautiful," quickly resuming her reign of terror. Once it was revealed she was the biological mother of Steffy Forrester's husband, Dr. Finn (Tanner Novlan), Sheila became a concerning presence in the lives of everyone tied to them. Sheila didn't take rejection well, and she would do whatever it took to get close to Finn and his son, Hayes. However, one night she took things to the next level, turning a gun on Steffy and firing shots at both her and her own son, Finn (via Soaps.com).

Finn was quickly presumed dead, with even Bridget believing he had succumbed to his injuries. However, she was Steffy's doctor, fighting to save her life, despite the extensive damage from her gunshot wound. While Steffy's brief amnesia was confusing for everyone involved, Bridget successfully helped Steffy recover from any brain damage which occurred as a result of the chest wound inflicted by Sheila.

Bridget also had to make the judgment call of breaking the news to Steffy about Finn's alleged death. Even though viewers now know Finn didn't die, it was a decision that could've caused a setback in Steffy's recovery. However, Bridget used her medical expertise to pinpoint the best time to tell her what happened because any time before she was ready could've caused a negative neurological event (via Soap Central). 

Bridget could fit into many current storylines on the show

Bridget Forrester hasn't returned to "The Bold and the Beautiful" since the ordeal with Dr. Finn and Steffy Forrester. However, that doesn't mean there's a shortage of storylines for her to jump into if she decides to come back. For starters, her ex-husband Deacon Shape is romantically involved with a murderer, Sheila Carter. Given Bridget nearly lost Steffy because of Sheila's crimes, it could make for an intriguing dynamic (via Soaps In Depth).

"Bold" has also showcased their willingness to bring in random characters for Brooke Logan to vent her problems to. Earlier this year, "Dallas" legend Patrick Duffy reprised his role as Brooke's father and Bridget's grandfather (via TV Insider). Brooke always finds herself in a less-than-ideal situation in her personal life, so it's only a matter of time until that rears its ugly head once again.

There are also a slew of eligible bachelors in Los Angeles if Bridget chooses to return. She hasn't been romantically linked to anyone on the canvas in nearly a decade, so throwing Bridget into the mix of an existing affair could shake things up. Regardless of what the future holds for Bridget, her impact cannot be overstated, with her pop-in visits becoming increasingly more relevant to the overall trajectory of the show.