Prince Harry Accuses People Of Lying To Protect William In New Netflix Trailer

Tongues have been wagging nonstop since Netflix released its new documentary series, Harry and Meghan, featuring the controversial Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Reviews of the series have been wholly negative in the British press, which is perhaps to be expected (via NPR). Meanwhile, The New York Times says the show "has all the intimacy of Instagram," meaning, not much (and heavily filtered), and CNN calls it a "royal disappointment." 

Even so, people are watching it in droves. On the first day the first few episodes became available, the first episode was watched by a record 2.4 million viewers in that single day (via BBC). It seems no matter how people feel about the quality of the show, whether or not it brings anything new to the conversation, or whether its production and dissemination is a waste of time and money, Meghan and Harry are hot news, and people will watch and listen when the couple declares they have something to show us or something to say. 

Now, however, in a trailer for the next segment of the Netflix series, Harry makes remarks that flat-out remove any doubt as to whether the couple will be revealing any new information or directly calling out the royal family from which they made their official exit back in 2020 (via Daily Mail).   

Harry's shocking statements about his family

In the December 11 part two trailer for Netflix's "Meghan and Harry," Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, claims people have have lied to protect his brother William, Prince of Wales. However, he didn't specify who concocted the supposed lies.

The clip shows Harry saying, "They were happy to lie to protect my brother; they were never willing to tell the truth to protect us." And while it has not yet been made directly clear who the word "they" refers to, the media and viewers alike are assuming, given the context clues, that Harry is referring to either his family or at least the institution that represents them.  Harry is also shown saying that he and his wife Meghan have been victims of what he calls "institutional gaslighting." 

With all of these revelatory and, frankly, incendiary statements made in such a brief trailer, we feel it's safe to say the viewership for Netflix's Harry and Meghan is not about to dwindle much. The new episodes will become available on the streaming service on December 15.