Former Head Of Royal Protection Slams Prince Harry And Meghan Markle's Security Claims

In the second trailer for the much-anticipated docuseries "Harry & Meghan," the Duke of Sussex wonders aloud "what would have happened to us if had we not got out when we did." Then it cuts to his wife, Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, revealing: "Our security was being pulled. Everyone in the world knew where we were." Prince Harry later refers to "institutional gaslighting," while Meghan admits to feeling as though she was "being fed to the wolves." 

Clearly, both parties feared for their physical safety. The first three episodes of the series dropped last week, and there weren't any particularly huge or new revelations, though the Sussexes did discuss the issues they had with the British press, and the impact their implicit racial bias seemingly played in how Meghan was treated, per CNN. Generally speaking, Harry is reportedly happy with being able to tell their story with the series

The royal family, meanwhile, has yet to publicly respond, according to ET. That doesn't mean that others aren't chiming in with their thoughts, of course. Piers Morgan hasn't made a secret of the fact he isn't a fan of Meghan, and on his show "Piers Morgan Uncensored," he spoke with Dai Davies, a security specialist and a former head of royal protection, who doesn't see things the same way that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex do. 

The Sussexes' claims are nonsense according to the security specialist

Piers Morgan asked Dai Davies, a security expert with insider knowledge from the police force about keeping the royal family safe, for his response to Prince Harry complaining about his personal security being taken away after he and Meghan Markle stepped back from their roles as senior working royals. Davies is emphatic in his disagreement with that perspective, claiming it's "absolutely not" the truth and that, in reality, "the protection team followed them to Canada" (via YouTube). 

He then outlined how once the couple settled in California, it was determined, correctly in his opinion, that it was no longer "sustainable for British police officers to continue [providing security]." Davies also referred to alleged "inconsistencies" and "half-truths" in what he's heard about/from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Davies then brought up the threats that the royal family faces, which come through the Fixated Threat Assessment Centre (FTAC), a designated unit within the police force that works with the NHS to determine the danger an individual may pose to a public figure. 

As Davies argued, the more stories Meghan and Harry tell, the bigger potential for harm to be done to the royals "as a consequence of this nonsense that's been spewed out by these two and some of their supporters." The Sussexes pointed to press intrusion as one of the main reasons they defected from the royal family, per NBC News. 

Public reaction to Harry and Meghan's security threats

In one of the first trailers for the documentary, Prince Harry opens up about the "pain and suffering of women marrying into this institution" while a shot of Kate, Princess of Wales shows on the screen, according to the Daily Mail. While Kate and other members of the royal family still haven't publicly reacted to the new documentary, the internet certainly has.

Sharon Osbourne recently chimed in giving her two cents on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex opening up about their experiences during an interview with Piers Morgan (per Metro). She called the documentary "totally distasteful," complaining about the "whining" that she believes the couple is engaging in.

However, some reactions to the emotional reveal and revelations from the documentary show support for Harry and Meghan, particularly when it comes to their invasion of privacy. One Twitter user empathizes with the couple, saying "the paparazzi needs to be completely outlawed. The fact that we live in a world where it's okay to stalk people 24/7 is outrageous."

Another user calls for change to British paparazzi laws, referring to them as "feral pit bulls."

With three more episodes to be released December 15, according to Cosmopolitan, public opinion may change once again as new information is brought to the open.