Unconventional Blush Colors Are All The Rage Right Now

Move over pink and red blush! There are some new shades of rouge in town!

In case you missed it, blush is all the rage these days. "Excitement for the category has only been amplified as mask mandates loosen across the country," Ulta's senior director of merchandising, strategy, and insights Jordan Pious told Glamour in March about consumers' newfound love for the beauty product. "We're encouraged by the incredible growth we're seeing and are proud to have maintained increased blush sales year over year since 2019. This strong trajectory indicates blush will continue to be a meaningful part of our guests' makeup routines and a significant driver within our cosmetics assortment."

As one can imagine, along with the resurgence of the beauty products' popularity comes brand new ways to use it and new colors as well! But don't just take our word for it. Here are some examples of the hottest new blush colors to hit the beauty scene...

Yellow really is mellow

Don't sleep on yellow!

Yep, that's right. Yellow isn't just for Coldplay songs. According to Allure's former digital beauty editor Devon Abelman, "Most of us already have yellow tones that naturally occur in our skin, so yellow blush just accentuates what we've got and gives our beauty routine a new brightening booster." Brightening booster? Sign us up! But if you're still the least hesitant that yellow is just too far out of your blush wheelhouse, Abelman reminded readers, "Yellow is like peach or even brown's long lost sibling."

Alexa, play "Yellow" by Coldplay.

Orange is the new pink?

Perhaps Elle Woods (portrayed by actor Reese Witherspoon) was wrong, and the person who said orange is the new pink wasn't quite so disturbed after all...

According to Sara Wren, the Director of Artistry at Milk Makeup, orange is having a major moment on cheeks these days! "It's fresh and unexpected while also being a shade that works on many different skin tones," she gushed about the unconventional shade of blush. "It's about finding the right tone of orange," she carefully added. Case in point: the lovely shade of orange digital creator Ines Silva rocked in March 2020. "Orange blush is my new obsession," Silva wrote along with an Instagram photo of her fresh and bright makeup look.

Don't get blue about blue blush

As it turns out, blue blush is nothing to be... well, blue over.

In a Youtube video aptly titled, "Making BLUE BLUSH a Trend Because Nobody Else Will," self-taught makeup artist Mixky San pleads the case for the bold and daring shade of blush. "You know, I've never seen a makeup look where people would just do blue blush casually, and I thought, 'Wait, if makeup has no rules, then blush can be any kind of color!'" he said. And it appears the viewers agreed. "THIS BLUE BLUSH LOOK IS SO BREATHTAKING BEAUTY AT ITS BEST," one fan wrote in the comments section. Meanwhile, another penned, "Okay but BLUE BLUSH is revolutionary." Here's to making blue blush happen!!!

Purple blush is a statement

As the old saying goes, if you want to make a statement, wear purple. 

"I think so many people, like myself, were intimidated by the thought of purple blush," TikTok star Rachel Rigler confessed to Allure in November 2021. "The stereotypical blush is usually pink or red, so people were curious as to what purple would look like when applied as blush." Eventually, however, more and more makeup enthusiasts tried it and were pleasantly surprised with the results. "Trend check: purple blush... what color blush should I try next?" NovaBEAUTY ambassador Molly Bee posted on Instagram along with a photo of herself rocking lilac frosted cheeks.

Green with envy?

Yes. Green blush is a thing.

According to Allure, green reigns as 2022's biggest beauty trend. "They've made this kelly green color extremely trendy in fashion," makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes told the publication. "I think a lot of things that people wear in makeup stem from fashion tones and colors." And while Allure was quick to point out that they weren't sure if green blush would "take off," so to speak, they still encouraged readers to consider purchasing a monochromatic green palette.

There's a right way and a wrong way

Still, makeup artist Elisa Flowers warns there's a right and a wrong way to execute the new and unconventional shades of blush. "Dab a blush brush lightly onto the product, slowly building onto skin to up the intensity," she advised Refinery 29 readers in 2016.

Patrick Ta, a makeup artist to the stars, also cautioned consumers that a bit of blush goes a long way. "For a long time, the application method around how to use blush has been too heavy-handed and outdated for the current beauty landscape," he told Glamour. "In terms of the techniques and hacks, TikTok is a great resource for newer consumers that are looking to find the best makeup routine for them or people who are looking for inspiration." 

Okay, okay. Less is always more, and when in doubt, check TikTok for inspiration and how-to guides. Got it!

Celebs are living for the sunburn blush trend

Speaking of don'ts, there's also something called a "sunburn blush" trend, and according to many celebs, it is now a must-do.

Per Page Six, Hailey Bieber and TikTok star Addison Rae are some of the new makeup fad's pioneers. But that's not all. Singer and makeup mogul Rihanna is also a big proponent of the sunburn blush look. "It gives an effortless summer feeling as if you were laying out for a few hours and then quickly got changed for dinner," celebrity makeup artist Nina Park told Vogue.

Celebrities served up some serious blush moments at the 2022 Met Gala

And speaking of celebrities, bold blush lewks were on full display at the 2022 Met Gala.

"Rosy cheeks are trending on the red carpet this year because there's a resurgence of the fresh-faced look and an embracing of rosy cheeks," professional makeup artist Tanaya J. told Essence Magazine. One such celebrity who leaned into the "Gilded Glamour" theme from her cheekbones all the way down to her toes was none other than actor Tessa Thompson. STUNNING!

A sign of the times?

While some of these daring new blush colors are not for the faint of heart — many argue that they are simply a sign of the times. 

"I think people really missed some color in their lives," makeup artist Allan Avendaño told Glamour. "With the pandemic, we were inside a lot. Now that we have much more freedom to go out, it adds color and brightness to the face. Also, with a lot of people working from home, I think blush is a way of dressing up the face for zoom or virtual calls."

And there ya have it, folks! Happy blushing!