The Exact Lip Color Reese Witherspoon Wore As Elle Woods In Legally Blonde

Believe it or not, it's been 20 years since Reese Witherspoon first put on her pink dress and became Elle Woods. The fashion merchandising major and sorority sister turned Harvard law student became a cultural icon with the release of "Legally Blonde" in 2001. The movie introduced iconic quotes to the pop culture lexicon, taught us about the chemistry of a perm, and invented the Elle Woods-approved flirtation known as the bend-and-snap.

Elle served no shortage of looks in the film and its equally camp sequel. Although the character is decades old, her style game remains enviable in 2021. BuzzFeed ranked all 31 of her looks from the first movie from "good to godd**m iconic." They made that distinction because there is not a single moment where she is less than brilliantly styled. Vogue noted that Elle is synonymous with the color pink and that Witherspoon's beloved character is still shaping fashion.

Tragically, it's difficult to shop Elle's unforgettable closet today. Sophie de Rakoff, the movie's costume designer, told Vogue that she doesn't remember the exact source of every 'fit from the movie. That means you cannot buy the sequined bikini she wears in her admissions video or the puffy coverup she introduces at Harvard. You can only capture the essence of Elle, like Ariana Grande did in her "thank u, next" music video (via YouTube).

Thankfully, we have a better idea of the makeup Witherspoon wore in character. Unsurprisingly, it also featured plenty of pink.

Elle Wood's lip was created using MAC Cosmetics lipstick

If you're looking to emulate Elle Woods' style, you can start by copying her perfect pout. TikTok user Brittany Cale put in the work to figure out the exact shade of lipstick and gloss the first-year law student wore when she arrived at Harvard. Unsurprisingly, the character showed out and showed up in a pink leather jacket and matching skirt, and sunglasses with pink frames. Even her dog, Bruiser, matched in a pink jacket. 

Elle's lips were perfectly in line with her all-pink glam. The beauty guru determined that MAC Cosmetics' lipstick in the shade Pink Poodle laid the base for the Barbie-esque lip. Makeup artists on set topped it with Clinique's lip gloss in shade Air Kiss. Sadly, both options have been discontinued, but alternatives are available. Cale recommended MAC's Amplified Lipstick in shade Girl About Town. It's described as the perfect "bright blue fuchsia." MAC's Lipglass in shade Good Juju – described as a "sunrise pink" — will add an enviable shine.

Speaking of Elle Woods-approved lipsticks that are no longer available, Reese Witherspoon partnered with Elizabeth Arden to create a pink lipstick in 2019 (via The Cut). Proceeds from her limited edition March On Pink Punch Lipstick were donated to the brand's March On campaign, which supported the United Nation's "Making Every Woman and Girl Count" gender data initiative. Talk about a cause that would get Elle's seal of approval.