This Common Skin Problem Can Be Concealed With Pink Powder

There seems to be a way to conceal any type of flaw or facial imperfection with makeup. After all, cosmetics are often marketed to create an illusion of perfection. Yet, while most of us aren't walking down any runways or filming "Keeping Up with the Kardashians," we all want to look like our best selves and feel good in the process.

Foundation and powder have long been relied on for creating a flawless look. Some people use one or the other, and many prefer both. New York City makeup artist Tommy tells Allure, "Setting powder is not only used to lock in your makeup but to 'finish' the look of makeup — to create a smoother, more flawless, and texture-less surface."

Pink powder, in particular, can be used to help hide something that most of us experience at one time or another: under-eye circles.

How pink powder can conceal tired under-eyes

Though using powder under your eyes may seem risky due to the fine lines in the area, pink powder can actually help when you didn't get enough sleep, have allergies, or have been overworking your eyes. Thanks to the art of color-correcting, pink powder can offset and thus conceal blue tones under the eye, which can be a result of lifestyle or simply just a part of your DNA.

Dr. Maryam Zamani, an oculoplastic surgeon and facial aesthetics doctor, says that, though sleep is vital, a lack of rest is not the most common cause of dark under-eye circles (via Marie Claire). "It can be anything from hereditary, hyperpigmentation, poor circulation, hollowness or the sunken appearance of the eyelids. External environmental factors like sluggish microcirculation can also exacerbate tired-looking eyes, making them appear darker," says Zamani. 

She adds: "The more dehydrated the skin around the eyes, the more tired and fatigued they appear." For this reason, a good eye cream is important to apply before using powder. Note that pink powder is best suited for those with light skin and cool undertones (via Claire Talks Beauty).

How to apply pink powder for under-eye circles

Before using pink powder on your under-eye area, you'll want to apply your regular foundation first, along with any under-eye concealer you regularly use (via Huda Beauty). Make sure both are blended well and have a smooth finish. Then you can add the pink powder.

A damp sponge works best, but you can also use a powder puff to press the pink powder into the under-eye skin. The key is to gently press in the pink powder in to conceal any blue coloring.

According to Bustle, there is a hack to make your pink powder even more vibrant and bright, which is also great for color-correcting darker complexions. Before you dip your damp makeup sponge into the pink powder, dip it into pink blush, and then back into the pink powder. Next, carefully press it in along the under-eye area, and then brush away any excess.