Days Of Our Lives Classic Romance: Mike And Robin

"Days of Our Lives" fans — especially those who have been watching the soap opera for decades — will keenly recall Mike Horton's dramatic past. The character may come from one of the most prominent families in Salem, but he's been through a lot of ups and downs over the years. Mike is a legacy character, born to Bill and Laura Horton. However, Mike believed that Mickey Horton was his father until his teenage years. He later uncovered the truth about his paternity when he found out that Mickey couldn't have children and that Laura and Bill had been having an affair, per Soaps in Depth.

In his younger years, Mike suffered more than his fair share of tragedy and heartbreak. As a child, he was hit by a car. Mike was also nearly crushed to death by a truck while doing mechanic work. Following the drama with his family and health issues, Mike began to get more adult and crucially romantic storylines (via Soap Central). After befriending a young woman named Trish Clayton, Mike decided he wanted to be intimate with her. However, Mike was upset when he couldn't get up the nerve to be physical with Trish. He later began to question his sexuality, believing that he might be gay.

However, upon meeting Linda Patterson, Mike became clearer about his sexual orientation. Of course, his love life didn't get any easier. 

Mike Horton had a dramatic relationship history

Following his brief relationship with Trish Clayton, Mike Horton moved on to Linda Patterson. However, "Days of Our Lives" viewers will already know that relationship also crashed and burned. Linda was actually in love with Mickey Horton, which crushed poor Mike's young heart. Eventually, Mike fell hard for Margo Anderman. The pair seemed to be very happy together and even tied the knot. However, tragedy struck Mike's life again when Margo was diagnosed with leukemia (via Soaps In Depth). 

Mike remained by her side the entire time until she eventually passed away from the disease. Margo's medical bills left Mike in debt, but her life and illness inspired him to go to medical school and begin a career as a doctor. Subsequently, Mike met April Ramirez. The two were engaged but never got to walk down the aisle, as Soap Central notes. Life got in the way of their plans and April ended up moving to New York with her brother, Julio. 

Meanwhile, later in life, Mike began a serious relationship with Carrie Brady, and in 2022, it was revealed that he and Nancy Wesley had started dating after they both left Salem and moved back to New York (via Soap Spoiler). While Mike has had a long and complicated love life, his most dramatic romance may have been with Robin Jacobs. 

Mike and Robin's complicated romance

The character of Robin Jacobs first appeared on "Days of Our Lives" in 1985. Robin was a doctor who worked with Mike Horton at Salem University Hospital, and the colleagues didn't get along upon their initial meeting. However, after spending more time together they began to develop feelings for one another. Mike and Robin started dating and things soon turned serious. However, they had a big problem in their relationship — Robin's family wouldn't approve of her dating a non-Jewish man (via Soap Central). 

Eventually, the two broke things off and Robin moved on to marry Mitch Kaufman. But the marriage was short-lived as Robin annulled the union when she believed she could be pregnant with Mike's baby. Sadly, she wasn't. Robin and Mike tried their best to work things out and he even agreed to convert to Judaism for her. However, he couldn't seem to leave his faith behind, and the pair split again and she left Salem. When Robin returned, she revealed that she had given birth to Mike's son, Jeremy, per Soaps In Depth

At the time Mike was in love with April Ramirez but he later decided to join Robin and Jeremy in Israel so that they could be a family. A few years later, Mike returned after having split with Robin. Although Mike and Robin's romance didn't work out, they're co-parenting their son together, and remain one of the most interesting couples of the past.