7 Ways To Maintain Your Wax For Longer

Waxing is a popular method of hair removal that offers a lot of benefits. Even if you might be spending more on the actual process, waxing removes hair from the roots itself, as opposed to shaving which only tackles the hair above the surface of your skin (via Elle). This means less time spent on hair removal as a whole. Whatever hair that does grow back after a waxing appointment is going to be finer with time as well. 

Hair growth has stages, and how soon your hair grows after a waxing appointment depends on a few factors. Licensed Master Esthetician Sarah Akram told Byrdie that "your age, hormone levels, and medications all play a part in how quickly your hair grows back." As do factors like if you waxed your eyebrows or got a Brazilian. 

There are some things you can be doing, however, to maintain your wax for longer. 

Be patient between waxing appointments

Even though the whole idea behind waxing is to enjoy hair-free skin for longer, it is important to remember that a lot is riding on the length of your hair when you make the appointment, and experts recommend waiting till your hair is at least ¼ inch long for better and longer-lasting results, per Ona Skin

As mentioned before, hair grows in cycles – "growing, resting, and transitional," per Byrdie – and you want to make sure you get as much hairs as possible at the appointment; waiting till most of them reach the surface level and get to an ideal length is always a good idea. 

Trust the professionals

Turning to store-bought wax brands might seem more convenient (time and money-wise), but there is a reason why professionals are professionals. They have years of practice doing what they do and their products are likely of better quality (via Uptown Spa). You can also avoid the at-home waxing mistakes you're probably making that can cause hair breakage, ingrown hairs, and missing some spots, per Byrdie. The professionals can do the job more meticulously and less painfully.

Being consistent can make your wax last longer

Try not to let the time of year or your mood affect your waxing schedule, per Bustle. Maintaining a regular schedule will ensure that your hair grows back slower and finer each time. Here too, it might be good to pay attention to the different areas of your body and how soon you notice hair growth in each after a waxing appointment (via Byrdie). Getting a bikini wax is very different from having your legs waxed. 

Avoid reaching for the razor between appointments

Even though it might be frustrating to notice a few hairs show up before your next scheduled waxing appointment, resorting to shaving in between is always a bad idea, reports Uptown Spa. While cuts and ingrown hairs become a concern with shaving (via Bustle), you'll also cause uneven and, in some cases, faster hair growth. If you're really worried about the appearance of a few hairs, try using makeup to hide them, or a tweezer to pull them out from the roots. 

Make sure you take care of your skin between appointments

There are a few things you can be doing for your skin between appointments to maintain your wax for longer. Exfoliation is one, according to Bustle. Exfoliating your skin does wonders when it comes to preventing ingrown hairs, per Ona Skin, and it is also great for getting rid of any stray hair follicles that were missed during the wax. Moisturization is the next important part of maintaining healthy skin between appointments, reports Bustle. These aftercare tips also help make waxing easier for the next time.

Watch out for those ingrown hairs and pimples

Pimples, breakouts, and ingrown hairs make the waxing process that much harder. Think of your skin as a canvas that is best kept smooth for better results. Try using cleansers made for acne-prone skin (like salicylic acid-based ones) as a way of maintaining bump-free skin (via Uptown Spa). If your skin is particularly sensitive and you've developed bumps right after your waxing appointment, try a cold compress and wearing looser garments as a way to soothe your inflamed skin, reports Healthline

Get the help of hair growth minimizers

Hair growth inhibitors are another option you can turn to if you want to maintain your wax for longer, per Byrdie. Hair growth minimizers come in the form of lotions or sprays (via Frenesies). If you're wondering how they work and if they are safe, there are experts with answers to those questions. Aesthetic doctor Sophie Shotter speaking to Pop Sugar shared that they may slow the process of hair growing back but won't stop it permanently. "A lot of the nonprescription products available are purely based on botanicals and so shouldn't do harm to people who are not allergic to them," she said.