How To Motivate Yourself To Drink More Water

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We all know it's important to drink water, but the benefits of staying hydrated daily are so vast, it's actually a necessity to keep filling up your water bottle. According to the CDC, when you get dehydrated, you lose your ability to think straight and can become moody and uneasy. It also leads to an array of serious health issues, including kidney problems and constipation.

But beyond that, per Healthline, water can also help to protect your joints, keeping you stronger for longer and preventing things like arthritis. It can also aid in weight loss, fight off illnesses, give you more energy, and even keep your skin glowing. So while water is obviously an important part of our daily diet, drinking enough isn't so easy. According to Medium, so many of us aren't motivated enough to drink the recommended amount of water and can't be bothered with refilling our bottles or tracking how much we drink. But if you are ready to get super hydrated, here are some ways to get motivated and drink up.

Make it a competition

If you love a little fun competition, why not create one to help you drink more water? Mayo Clinic Health System recommends teaming up with a friend to see who can drink more water each day. Before the day comes to a close, or even throughout the day, check in with your friend and if you are behind, it may just be the motivation you need to guzzle down those last few sips of water you need to meet your goals.

Add flavoring

Sometimes when you have too much of something, you suddenly get an intense aversion to it. If the idea of chugging plain water makes your skin crawl, consider adding flavoring to spice it up a bit. Healthline recommends using fresh fruit like kiwis, cucumbers, and lemons to give your water a fresh, delicious taste. You can also buy water enhancers at the store, but make sure you take a look at the ingredients before buying as many of them have a ton of sugar and can have negative impacts to your health.

Make it part of your daily schedule

If you love to set a routine for your day, add water to it the same way you would your daily workout or self-care. Self recommends adding water breaks into your everyday activities, like chugging a glass of water every time you use the bathroom or sipping on your water bottle while you wait for your coffee to brew or your food to cook. Even if it's just a few sips here and there, adding these sips into your daily routine will help you up your water intake a ton without having to think too much about it.

Always bring it with you

Have you ever left for the day only to return late at night and realize you didn't have one sip of water the entire day? Don't let not being home be an excuse to stay dehydrated. Healthline recommends investing in a reusable water bottle that you learn to take everywhere with you, whether you are just dropping the kids off at school or spending the entire day running errands. Bonus points if you get one that keeps your water cold all day so you can take a fresh sip of H2O no matter how long you've been out.

Drink water with every meal

You don't need to replace your favorite soda or weekend cocktail with water, but you should consider adding water in addition to your drink. Self recommends drinking water before you eat, including before any snack or small bites you may indulge in. Always order water right when you sit at a restaurant and sip on it while you wait for your meal and if you're cooking at home, keep a glass of water close by to sip as you cook. You may realize that adding this water before each meal keeps you not only hydrated by also making healthier choices when it comes to food.

Track your water intake

Tracking your water intake will not only give you more insight into how much water you are drinking, but it can also be super fun. Self recommends downloading a water tracking app to your phone and setting a goal to reach in the app each day. The apps even go a step further to send you daily reminders and alerts to ensure you are meeting those goals. Healthline recommends the Daily Water Tracker Reminder for simple water tracking and Hydro Coach, which is great for reminding you to drink all day long.

Buy a fancy water bottle

If you love the idea of tracking your water intake, take it a step further and invest in a smart water bottle that does the tracking for you. Everyday Health recommends this smart water bottle from HidrateSpark which glows when it's time for you to take another sip of water. If you just want something that looks pretty, stays durable, and keeps your water cold, The New York Times recommends the Hydro Flask, the Takeya Actives Insulated Water Bottle, or the Camelbak Eddy.

Eat water-heavy foods

According to Healthline, a great way to add water into your daily routine is through the food you eat. By reaching for water-heavy food items, you can make a big difference in the amount of water your body gets. Fruits and vegetables reign supreme in this category, but certain foods are the ultimate choices. Consider celery, lettuce, zucchini, watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew. Self recommends spicing it up by making zucchini pasta or adding grapefruit to your favorite salmon dish.

Reach for saltier snacks

If you find yourself munching on snacks throughout the day, consider reaching for saltier items like nuts or pretzels. These snacks are bound to make you thirsty, causing you to reach for your water more than you would other types of snacks, per Self. And while we are often told that sodium can cause us to be dehydrated, The Guardian says that drinking water alongside them can counteract any of the negative effects of a healthy salty snack.

So whether you choose to get serious and track your every sip or just up your peanut intake, adding more water to your life is bound to make a huge difference in your life, both physically and mentally.