What To Look For When Buying An Epilator

You've probably heard of electric shavers, but did you know that there are electric tweezers? They're popularly referred to as epilators, hair removal devices that pluck strands straight from the follicle. Several tweezing heads run on a motor to remove more hairs than an electric shaver. Since epilators target unwanted hairs at the root, they leave skin smoother and hairless for longer than normal shaving.

With an epilator, you will not have to deal with the harsh razor burns or the funk of depilatory creams. Healthline even suggests using an epilator can minimize overall body hair regrowth over time. Hairs grow back finer, reducing their appearance and making them easier to remove. That sounds like a win-win situation! 

If you think an epilator might be the best hair removal option for you or you're curious about trying one, there are a few factors to consider when searching for the perfect match.

The number of tweezers

An epilator maximizes the plucking power of traditional tweezers. Dermatopathologist Gretchen Frieling, M.D. tells Good Housekeeping that epilation can be time-consuming so choosing an epilator with more tweezers is a smart choice. Some devices come with as little as one tweezer, while other models can have over 70. That's a lot of hairs you are plucking at once. With more tweezers, there will be less need to pass over the same areas, which means a faster epilating session and less pain.

Various speed settings

Operating an epilator at different speeds can significantly impact the user's experience. To remove thicker hair, Money suggests choosing an epilator with faster speeds. However, some models don't have speed options and come with one standard setting, so this is worth considering when purchasing a device. An epilator with multiple speed settings allows you to be more in control of your hair removal. You can turn it up for a fast last-minute pluck or go slow and easy over sparse hairs.

Water resistance

You wash your hair and have concerts in the shower, so why not epilate? If you have plans to remove unwanted hairs in the bath, you'll need to look for water-resistant epilators. These devices are called wet epilators and slightly differ from dry ones in that they are typically cordless, smaller, and lighter, according to The Epilators World. The water-resistant design creates an epilator that's great for traveling. You can also use most wet epilators without water as normal.

Built-in light feature

Lighting is crucial, and not just for your Instagram selfies. When considering which epilator to buy, check if the product has built-in lights. This feature is especially helpful for those with light-colored and fine hairs as the lights will make these strands easier to see so you can avoid missing a spot. If you're epilating in the shower, built-in lights can help combat water obstructing your view. It is a feature that comes in handy when there is low-quality lighting or you just need extra visibility.

Types of power sources

The best option depends on how and how often you use your epilator. The Chicago Tribune reports that corded epilators are typically more powerful than cordless models. However, you will have to use them while they're plugged in, so in the shower is out of the question. Cordless epilators generally have rechargeable batteries or standard ones you'll have to replace. These versions are suitable for traveling and can last longer. Ultimately, this comes down to personal preference as well as which type of device fits your lifestyle best.

Different attachment options

Even your epilator can't say no to accessories. When checking out the features, view the attachment options. There are a variety of models that come with different brushes, precision caps, trimmers, and shaving heads, per Harper's Bazaar. These accessories can enable your epilator to exfoliate, trim or shave hairs instead of pluck, and customize how many tweezers you want to use. Various caps can make your epilator more suitable for different areas of your body. With more attachments, there is no hair removal need your epilator can't meet.

The device's noise level

When trying to get hairless legs, the sound of a chainsaw is probably the last thing you want to hear. Epilators are notorious for the high levels of noise they tend to produce. The loud metal clang is an indication of your epilator's hair-plucking power. Faster speed settings also generate more noise, and corded epilators are generally louder than cordless ones. Opt for battery-powered models for less angry noise while you're epilating. You can also use your wet epilator in the shower to help mask the sound of spinning tweezers.

Safety on sensitive areas

If you're looking for an epilator to help get you ready for the beach, there are specific features you need to search for. The bikini line can be sensitive. A Smooth Life recommends an epilator with attachments like a sensitive area cap or bikini shaver cap. These accessories will make the epilator safe for the nether regions. The tweezer count also matters. Fewer tweezers are better for pubic hair. Less pulling on these hair strands means less pain for the delicate area. Go for smaller epilators with attachments for the best bikini epilating experience.

Epilators for facial hair

You can use an epilator as an effective method to deal with unwanted facial hairs. However, it's recommended that you use an epilator specifically designed for the face. These devices will be generally smaller and lighter, making them ideal for navigating the contours of your face. You can also check for models with facial attachments. Choosing an epilator with added accessories will allow for the dual capabilities of plucking both body and facial hairs. You can say goodbye to your mustache and leg hair with the switch of an epilator cap.

Price point

Price is often a determining factor when choosing en epilator. Luckily, there are devices available for a range of budgets. Per Healthline, a basic epilator can cost as little as $20, while higher-end models are priced around $100. Generally, the more attachments and functions, the more expensive the model can be. That being said, an epilator is a one-time purchase, unlike disposable shavers, sugar wax kits, and depilatory creams. This means for many, it's worth the added cost. Add in hairless skin minus cuts, creams, or waxes, and it's an easy sell.