What To Know Before Applying Individual Lashes

Who among us doesn't want better lashes? No matter how long and voluminous your natural set of lashes is, we know that, to an extent, when it comes to lashes, bigger really is better. Of course, there are plenty of options out there, from plumping mascara to eyelash extensions. If you're looking for something a bit less committal, potentially less damaging than eyelash extensions, and a bit more lash-boosting than mascara, you may have tried your hand at applying some false eyelashes.

Like real lashes, fake lashes come in all shapes and sizes. According to How Stuff Works, while most people opt for strip lashes, (fake lashes that are attached to a strip that you then glue to your lash line) some people find that individual lashes make the process of revamping your lashes much easier. If you're ready to try individual lashes, there are a few things you may need to know before embarking on your new makeup routine.

Why you should try individual lashes

Many people steer clear of individual lashes, because they can be a more tedious false eyelash option since you're applying only a few at a time rather than the whole set. Even so, there are pros to individual lashes that make them more conducive to getting a natural look, and once you get the hang of applying them, it can be as quick and easy as applying strip lashes. Because individual lashes aren't fixed into a shape and pattern the way a strip of lashes is, they can give you more control and allow you to create a set of lashes that's perfect for you (via False Eyelashes). Individual lashes allow you to design and edit as you go. 

Per J.Tan Artistry, individual lashes aren't just more natural-looking when you're wearing them; it's also less obvious when they come off. For anyone who's ever sported a pair of strip lashes, you know how much it can ruin your whole look when one side of your lashes comes unglued. On the other hand, when a clump of individual lashes comes undone, it simply falls away and doesn't draw attention the way strip lashes do.

Choosing your lashes

Everyone's personal style, eye shape, and natural lashes are different. As a result, there are plenty of individual false lashes out there so that you can ensure that you're finding the option that's best for you. When it comes time to choose your individual lashes, start by thinking about your natural lashes (according to InStyle). If you're especially lacking in the lash department, you should aim to stick with a single-layer cluster of individual lashes. If your lashes are longer or thicker to begin with, you can likely handle double-layer clusters. 

In addition to choosing your lashes, you'll need to choose your glue. You may actually want to choose different glues for different occasions. Per Cosmopolitan, if you're planning on wearing mascara and eyeliner, black eyelash glue will help to flesh out your look. If you're wearing a more natural makeup look or even little to no other makeup, individual lashes can still look great, but you should stick with clear glue to let the lashes look more natural.

How to apply individual lashes

Once you've got your individual lashes and you've chosen a fantastic lash glue, it's time to enhance those natural lashes. Put a drop of glue on your hand or somewhere else where you'll be able to wash it off afterward (via Cosmopolitan). Wait 30 seconds for the glue to become tacky and sticky, rather than fully liquid. Then, you can dip the base of your lashes into the glue. Most people prefer to use tweezers for this, but you can use your fingers if you feel it gives you more control. Let the lashes sit and attach to the base of your natural lashes.

Once you've waited a few seconds and the cluster of lashes is in place, you can add the next cluster. Play around with where you like to place your individual lashes, and over time, you'll get the hang of the placement that you prefer. Keep in mind that more lashes on the outer corner will elongate your eye. Once you're finished and have given your lashes a few minutes to dry, you can use your fingertips or an eyelash curler to gently clamp your real and false lashes together (per InStyle). This will help you to blend the individual lashes with your own.

Losing lashes isn't a problem

As previously mentioned, if you're looking to wear fake eyelashes that look natural as they start to fall off, individual lashes should definitely be your pick over strip lashes. Per House of Lashes, almost any kind of false eyelashes are a less expensive and more versatile alternative to eyelash extensions. That said, according to InStyle, individual lashes, in particular, are designed to last as long as your makeup look lasts, rather than for long stretches of time like eyelash extensions. As a result, your individual fake lashes are likely to start falling off after about 12 hours of wear.

Getting most eyelash glues wet will also loosen up your lashes, so they're not likely to be waterproof the way your favorite mascara may be. That said, per J.Tan Artistry, since you'll probably have four or more clusters of individual lashes on each eye, losing a cluster here and there isn't likely to ruin your makeup look entirely.

How to remove your individual lashes

Many people opt for false eyelashes over eyelash extensions, because per M2U NYC, they tend to pose less risk to the health and volume of your natural eyelashes. That said, false lashes are only totally safe for your natural lashes if you take the right approach when removing them. According to InStyle, use an oil-based makeup remover or cleansing balm on a cotton round. The oil will break down the dried lash glue, and you'll be able to wipe your false lashes away with the rest of your makeup. You can throw your lash clusters in the trash as soon as you've removed them; individual lashes should be used for one use only. 

Ultimately, there are pros and cons to the various methods the beauty world has created for getting more voluminous lashes. If you're looking to pump up your lash game, individual lashes are definitely worth a shot for an easy, inexpensive, natural-looking makeup look.