The 13 Best Pairs Of Underwear For Women In 2022

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Underneath all the athleisure wear, bodycon dresses, and WFH looks, there are the essentials — we're talking underwear, of course. If you're like us, you likely refresh your underwear drawer often with new styles and colors. But there's more to it than that.

There are briefs, thongs, bikinis, boy shorts, shapewear, and menstrual panties — the list of styles is nearly endless, which can be a little overwhelming. So, it's no wonder we find ourselves bewildered, wondering when should you wear a G-string or a thong. That aside, can we get a high five for a good old-fashioned pair of cotton briefs for a Sunday movie marathon?

But, knowing there are panties for every outfit and mood, we scoured the world wide web to find the best pairs of underwear for women in 2022.

How we selected products

Sure, many of us here have decades of experience in the women's lingerie and underwear markets, but, for a story like this, we always like to draw upon data as well. For example, Verified Market Research reports that comfortable fabrics continue to increase in popularity. So, with this in mind, there's a higher demand for materials such as cotton and spandex. But demand is also rising for underwear that fits properly — on each individual and in all their activities, whether that's work, sports, date night, or just relaxing.

So, the takeaway here is that folks are looking for depth in a variety of underwear styles as well as size inclusivity. Our selections include 13 pairs of women's underwear that support real life. Now, pack that gym bag, grab that Friday night bodycon dress, or get ready to rock a coastal grandmother outfit, because this roundup has got your back(side) covered — or not covered, depending on your preference.

Best leak-proof underwear

Proof offers tons of choices for leak-proof panties, perfect for periods, ultra-sweaty days, or even bladder oopsies. This design integrates mesh side panels for a snug but comfortable hug, giving you that extra confidence. Plus, this design holds the liquid equivalent of four normal-size tampons!

Price: The Proof Mesh Hipster Leakproof Panties are available on Amazon for $43.

Social Media Highlight: Proof is crushing it on Instagram with over 180,000 followers, but we also love to see their media shout-outs. Nobody is cramping their style; they get regular Instagram love from Good Housekeeping and Real Simple.

Best athletic thong

Here's the ultimate annoyance: You've finally achieved that yoga pose you've been working on, but your underoos are askew, and you can't concentrate. So forget that life. Grab a three-pack of Under Armour's Pure Stretch Thong. The super stretchy nylon and elastane fabric stays put. Plus, there's no itchy tag.

Price: The Under Armour Pure Stretch Thong 3-Pack is available on Amazon, starting at $23.15.

Social Media Highlight: The brand has over 2.8 million views on YouTube, where videos feature athletes such as NFL star Tom Brady and WNBA player Bella Alarie.

Best shapewear panties

First of all, know this — nobody needs shapewear. You're amazing just as you are. But, having said that, if you want a versatile pair of shapewear panties around for that one satin dress that doesn't flow over your gorgeous curves because it gets all wonky with static, we hear you. These Leonisa panties from Bare Necessities are great to have on hand. They're designed to give a hearty hug to your front, butt, and waist.

Price: The Leonisa Comfy Medium Control Undetectable Brief is available on Bare Necessities for $35.

Social Media Highlight: Meandering through the Bare Necessities Instagram feed is a feel-good parade of body positivity. We love it, and we're not alone — the brand has over 97,000 followers.

Best quick-dry underwear

Royal Robbins serves up the quick-dry underwear of every athletic queen's dreams. The fabric is stretchy, wicks moisture away from the skin, helps regulate temperature, and dries fast. So, these cozy boy shorts are your new adventure buddy, whether your jam is yoga or hiking.

Price: The Women's ReadyDry Boy Short is available on Royal Robbins for $24.

Social Media Highlight: Looking for tips on how to dry your panties on a tree branch? The Royal Robbins Instagram feed has a post for that, of course. Plus, one follower commented to confirm, "These are SO soft and comfortable!!!!!"

Best subscription panties

Starting at just $15 a month, you can have new panties rolling in with almost no effort with Underclub. So, if you're always wanting the cutest lace or the hottest colors, this is the luxe-yet-affordable answer. In addition, the female-run brand prioritizes women-led businesses, and we love that the brand features real customers in its promotions and advertising. One such customer chimed in to say, "Underclub is absolutely amazing! I've never been unsatisfied with a delivery, and their underwear is by far the most comfortable I own."

Price: The subscriptions at Underclub start at $15 per month.

Social Media Highlight: With nearly 40,000 followers, Underclub is well on its way to Instagram stardom. It's no surprise, though, since the gorgeous images are body-inclusive, and the captions are — shall we say — cheeky!

Best colorful multipack

If we could somehow wake up to a full-on rainbow in our bedroom, we'd do that every darn day. Well, these Cosabella thongs might be as close as we'll get. Available in 12 different color-themed three-packs, this design also has a comfy, wide band of lace at the hips — perfect for a night out or Sunday morning coffee.

Price: The Cosabella Never Say Never Comfy Thongs 3-Pack is available on Amazon, starting at $42.20.

Social Media Highlight: It turns out that creating comfortable, sexy underwear is a one-way ticket to being a Pinterest all-star. Case in point: Cosabella gets 1.2 million monthly views.

Best lacey underthings

Wait, you want to be comfortable and sexy? No worries, the folks at Journelle are experts. These exceedingly elegant options offer the allure of lace and mesh in patterns that would make Cleopatra jealous. We just hope they flame-proof the shipping boxes because these mesh panties are darn-near smoldering, with intricate embroidery and velvet accents.

Price: The For Dreaming Against Sleeping Brazilian Brief is available at Journelle for $83.

Social Media Highlight: Media outlets such as Town & Country and Forbes rave about Journelle's next-level lingerie, and you can read all the highlights on the brand's Instagram page.

Best anti-odor options

We've found underwear perfection. These cheeky undies are cute, priced under $20 for a three-pack, and odor resistant. Depending on your mood, you can choose from florals, ocean-themed prints, or this adorable strawberry print. And, as an added bonus, customers have rated this set 4.81 stars, often mentioning that they truly "stay put."

Price: The Hustle Hipster Underwear 3-Pack is available at Verzus All, starting at $17.

Social Media Highlight: Verzus All is brand new on Instagram, and, in no time at all, they've got a few thousand followers!

Best certified clean essentials

When you see that a particular brand is sporting the OEKO-TEX logo, it means it's met strict criteria to eliminate the use of harmful substances. That includes these super-comfy undies from Vibrant Body Company, which are free from harmful chemicals in over seven categories.

In addition to being dedicated to a clean approach to manufacturing, the brand is building quite a following. For example, this pair of hikini panties has a 5-star rating, and one customer went so far as to say, "I've always been really picky with undergarments, but I've been thrilled with the Hikini undies. They're seamless and insanely comfortable!"

Price: The Hikini panties are available at Vibrant Body Company for $19.

Social Media Highlight: Tonya Peat is a YouTuber and breast cancer survivor who prioritizes BPA-free products, especially those that come in contact with her skin. Her YouTube product review is an important reminder to make thoughtful purchase decisions.

Best charitable business model

For every pair of panties you buy from MADI Apparel, they donate a pair to charities that support women in need. Between shelters, domestic violence organizations, and sexual violence initiatives, the brand has donated over 7,000 pairs of underwear across 45 charities in eight countries. In addition, the bamboo-based fabric is super-comfy, so it's a win-win.

Price: The Modest Bikini Panty in The Mimi Style is available at MADI Apparel for $37.

Social Media Highlight: The brand shares a lot of information about the charities its supports on Instagram. But they take time to celebrate milestones, too, like the fact that the company has been 5-star-rated on Google for just shy of 10 years.

Best non-thong panties for leggings

Remember that time you wished on a shooting star? Well, it came true: There's finally an incredible non-thong underwear option for leggings! These super stretchy Luvlette panties have taper-edge seams with a barely-there look. Plus, they're crazy comfortable. Say goodbye to visible panty lines forever.

Positive reviews have earned these panties a rating of 4.98 stars, and one customer summed it up best by saying, "They're super comfy, super soft, and super breathable! the seams are barely there, and the sizing is just perfect for my body." Okay! We're sold.

Price: The Luvlette 3-pack Sweet Nothings High-Stretch Brief is available at Shein for $13.

Social Media Highlight: Luvlette is known for designing products for folks with larger bust lines, and there's plenty of styling inspiration for everyone on Instagram, where they have nearly 50,000 followers.

Best cheeky metallic

Of course, Kim Kardashian's brand Skims offers an amazing metallic cheeky brief. We'd expect nothing less from the style maven. But, also following in the Kardashian tradition of being just a wee-bit high maintenance, these shimmery undies need a little extra TLC. So, be sure to wash them in cold water to protect that sheen. They're totally worth the effort.

Price: The Logo Mesh Foil Cheeky Brief is available at Skims for $22.

Social Media Highlight: With nearly 1 million followers on TikTok, Skims is a major player in the underwear market. Plus, we love how empowered all the fan videos are. Yes, please!

Best overall value

Looking for the best bang for your buck? Amazon customers do, too, and this 10-pair multipack of briefs from Fruit of the Loom holds the No. 3 spot in the women's briefs category and has over 90,000 ratings.

Generally, customers comment on comfort and value. And one reviewer added a little advice, saying that the brand "should never change these panties. Soft, comfortable, and most important the waistband." We also love that you can buy all-white and all-black multipacks, too.

Price: The Fruit of the Loom 10-pack of Eversoft Cotton Brief Underwear is available on Amazon, starting at $15.48

Social Media Highlight: A stroll through Fruit of the Look Instagram feed, which has nearly 48,000 followers, offers insight into how the company has remained a favorite since its founding in 1851. Don't miss the highlights about the company's sustainable manufacturing practices.