Can You Really Lose Weight With Absolutely No Cardio?

If you are hoping to drop a few pounds but the idea of lacing up your sneakers and setting out for a run makes you quiver, you may be wondering if there is an alternative. According to Forbes, while every weight loss journey is different, there are a few tried and true tips for shedding some pounds. You can start by eating more greens and protein, cutting down on processed sugars and carbs, drinking a ton of water, finding an accountability partner to push you through tough days, and getting more sleep.

However, even with these methods, many workout plans still encourage cardio. According to Verywell Fit, cardio workouts range from running and biking to walking and basic housekeeping. If you really loathe getting your heart rate up, you may be hoping that you can lose some weight without ever having to do any form of cardio. But is it really possible?

How to lose weight without cardio

If you were hoping the answer here was yes, you're in luck. According to Women's Health, it is possible to lose weight without getting in any cardio workouts. In fact, the most important aspect of any weight loss plan is your diet. Andy Vincent, a personal trainer from Third Space London, told the publication that you can simply lose weight by eating low calories and carbs, but this will not stick and will not result in the ultimate goal, which is fat loss. Instead, Women's Health suggests focusing on macros and working with a dietitian to formulate a meal plan that you can actually stick to. You can start small by swapping out healthier alternatives to the foods you already eat and go from there.

Greatist recommends cutting all soda from your diet and attempting intermittent fasting to help lower your overall body fat percentage. But even with a healthy diet and good eating habits, exercise is still crucial to your overall health — but there are workouts you can do instead of cardio that will give you the same effect.

Non-cardio workouts to help with weight loss and health

If you are looking to lose weight without cardio, it is still recommended to get to the gym. But instead of running on the treadmill, head over to the weights. According to Shape, strength training may actually be a better alternative to cardio, as it helps your body build muscle and burn calories long after the workout is over. Fit Bod recommends focusing on medium to heavy lifting, paying extra attention to muscle building rather than reps and calories burned. The more muscle you build, the better your metabolism gets, meaning more weight loss.

But even with a good diet and strength training, cardio is still recommended when it comes to overall health. According to Women's Health, cardio workouts are crucial for reducing the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and some forms of cancer. Women especially need cardio to keep their bodies healthy, specifically a minimum of 20 minutes of fast walking per day. So if you can't stand running and cycling is not your thing, try finding a walking buddy, swim in a pool, or do some power yoga. Your body and your heart will thank you.