Royal Expert Says Prince Andrew Will Never Make Comeback Under King Charles' Reign

There are plenty of royal family holiday traditions that occur each year, many of which were traditions Queen Elizabeth planned every Christmas. Consequently, the royal family's first holiday season following the queen's death was sure to feel different. Still, King Charles III tried to make this holiday as merry as the ones that came before. In just five months, the former Prince of Wales will officially be crowned the new king. The first Christmas he hosted actually gave some indications about what his reign will look like. It also made us question whether one family member, in particular, will find himself in the limelight or in a royal role again.

Per She Knows, King Charles's brother, Prince Andrew, had a very un-princely fall from grace after he was charged with sexual assault allegations and found to be involved in the highly publicized scandal with the infamous sex offender, Jeffrey Epstein. Queen Elizabeth II took some action as a result, removing Prince Andrew's senior royal role, his role as Colonel of the Grenadier Guards, and other support (via The Scottish Sun). He did, however, maintain his office at Buckingham Palace office, as well as his own staff members. This month, King Charles took away his office and staff. A source told The Sun that "any presence at the Palace is officially over. The King has made it clear. [Andrew] isn't a working royal. He's on his own." Still, folks are wondering if Andrew's presence at Christmas means he'll make a comeback.

Prince Andrew attended royal Christmas

While King Charles III made it clear that there was no room for Prince Andrew and his sordid reputation in the royal family, many find it noteworthy that he attended the family's Christmas celebration. During his appearance on "GB News," royal expert Charles Rae called Andrew's presence a "big surprise" (via YouTube). Still, he doubts this affects Andrew's responsibility within the family, saying, "He's never coming back –– never in a professional royal role to be perfectly honest." Rae continued, "It's a pity he can't think of something he could do to sort of make amends . . . but to be perfectly honest . . . what charity would want him?" Even "Eugenie and Beatrice had made a plea to their uncle, the king, to try to give their father something you know to do. And, that's fallen on deaf ears. There's no way the king can bring Andrew back into the fold." 

It appears the king has made his stance clear, especially considering that earlier this month, he gave Andrew's former role, Colonel of the Grenadier Guards, to Queen Consort Camilla, per The Scottish Sun. Rae added, "You know he has consistently denied any of the allegations that were made against him . . . but you've still got to answer the main question, Andrew . . . why did you give up to twelve million pounds to a woman you claim you have no recollection of meeting? That's going to haunt him for the rest of his life."