Expert Predicts Trendiest Baby Name For 2023

It may seem strange to think of something as important as someone's name as something that's the result of a trend. Per JSTOR Daily, though, baby names go in and out of style, and they're cyclical just like any other trends. Names that have been out of style for decades have become super popular again, like Cecilia, Vera, and Annie, among others (via Cosmopolitan). As a result of the ebb and flow of name popularity, just as they do with the next big hair color trend or the best makeup trends, trend forecasters know a thing or two about what the next year may bring us in terms of popular baby names. 

Celebrities have quite a bit of influence over trends. When we see celebs with a lot of reach trying something new, it's easy to want to make it our own. As a result, any stars who welcomed a new baby into the family in 2022 may have some say over which names will boom in popularity in 2023. Plenty of stars named new little ones this past year, and baby name experts are already picking up on the celebrity baby names that are about to start a major trend.

This could be the coolest baby name in 2023

According to baby name expert Sophie Kihm at Nameberry, there are plenty of names that we'll be seeing a lot more of in the coming year. One name, in particular, sticks out, and it actually comes in many forms. Kihm thinks we'll be seeing plenty of babies named Cy born in 2023.

In 2022, Jennifer Lawrence and her husband, Cooke Maroney, had a son named Cy. They named their baby after famous American painter Cy Twombly (via Artsy). While one-syllable names, especially for boys, are expected to have a boom in the coming year, this name comes in plenty of other forms, as well. Model Adriana Lima and her boyfriend, Andre Lemmers, welcomed a baby with the colorful name Cyan.

Not only will Cy stand alone, but other names will become popular with Cy as a nickname. Cyrus, Cyril, and Cypress are expected to rise in popularity, as well. Most of us likely don't have anyone in our lives named Cy, but in the coming years, we have a feeling that's going to change.