Whatever Happened To Nancy Rodriguez From Love Is Blind?

At the end of "Love is Blind" Season 3, fans found out that out of the five couples who made it out of the pods, only two chose to stay married (via Entertainment Weekly). Although this number seems small, it is actually successful considering how many "Love is Blind" couples from previous seasons are still together today. But while the other three couples didn't say "I do" at the altar, there were some murky waters when it came to who actually stayed together. During the reunion, all of that came to light and it wasn't pretty. Fan favorite Nancy Rodriguez — who was part of one of the most awkward things we witnessed on Season 3 — came clean about her feelings after she said yes at the altar and her match, Bartise, said no.

But to many viewers' delight, Rodriguez was brutally honest during the reunion and said what many fans had been thinking all along. She expressed her true feelings concerning Bartise and his lack of respect for her. And while some viewers were rooting for the couple, their age gap, the awkwardness between Bartise and Nancy's family, and of course Bartise's attraction to fellow contestant, Raven, all led to their eventual split (per Women's Health). 

Even though they didn't say "I do," many fans fell in love with Rodriguez and championed her success. If you're wondering where she is now, we found out.

Nancy Rodriguez is living her best life post Love is Blind

After the reunion aired, many people flocked to Nancy and Bartise to get their sides of the story. Bartise was not shy to speak with publications and quickly went on record to smooth out any grievances fans had with him at the reunion. He spilled to Us Weekly that the pair took a few weeks to let things settle and that Nancy eventually texted Bartise asking to get together and talk about what happened. At the end of that meeting, they chose to remain friends — that is until Bartise got a new girlfriend and he ended communication with Nancy, calling her a "cordial work acquaintance."

As for Nancy's side of the story, she told the All Love Network during an interview that she was heartbroken and spent the time after their breakup learning to love herself more than she already did. But beyond her love life and personal growth, Nancy has also been working on her career, saying "I'm hoping for networking opportunities and to be able to connect with others . . . I truly want to elevate the life that I currently have and take advantage of what I could have access to as far as resources."

She is successful in her career and her influencing

Instead of backing down and hiding after a very public breakup during her season of "Love is Blind," Nancy Rodriguez is using her platform to expand her career and find further success. As The Cinemaholic explained, Rodriguez was successful before being on television. In fact, she worked as a Speech-Language Pathologist and had her own practice in Dallas, Texas, along with being a successful real estate investor, something we got a glimpse of on the show.

Today, Rodriguez is honing in on her real estate talents and using her newfound network to help her career and add to her connections, according to an interview she did with the podcast All Love Network. She plans to talk about real estate, lifestyle, travel, and higher education on her social media channels, which, as of this writing, all have a fairly large following. Currently, her TikTok and Instagram show her enjoying meals and "get ready with me" videos along with sharing how she stays motivated and glimpses of her work life.