How To Achieve Hailey Bieber's Date Night Makeup Look

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Hailey Bieber is already a bonafide multi-hyphenate — model, TV personality, style icon — but that hasn't stopped her from adding to the list. Hailey's style drastically changed when she started dating her now-husband Justin Bieber. And now, she regularly makes waves with her stylish and comfy athleisure looks. In the next phase of her career, Hailey is changing the beauty industry one vegan product at a time. 

In December 2022, the in-demand model dropped her highly anticipated, cruelty and gluten-free beauty line Rhode, as Women's Wear Daily reported at the time. Hailey initially released a few skincare products (all affordable) to lay the groundwork for her brand to grow, which all ended up selling out immediately. Her beauty line is even coveted by some of the biggest icons around, including Kim Kardashian, per Elle

Over on TikTok, Hailey regularly posts "Get Ready with Me" tutorials that detail the skincare products she's using at the moment, much to fans' delight. The mogul in training took it a step further by revealing her exact beauty routine for romantic date nights. 

For date night she opts for a natural and dewy look

Hailey Bieber is the queen of glowing skin and low-key beautiful makeup looks. The Rhode founder shared her beauty philosophy with Vogue, highlighting in the process why she typically goes for a minimalist look. "I've realized that, for me, more subtle is better, and less is kind of more," Bieber explained. If you're one of her millions of followers on Instagram, then you've seen the model put this beauty ideal into practice with her makeup posts. 

Bieber revealed her date night makeup routine also doesn't stray far from this in a YouTube tutorial. As part of her "Get Ready with Me" series, she broke down her look into eight easy steps. Before any makeup goes near her face, Bieber ensures she preps her skin using Rhode's own cult-favorites Peptide Glazing Fluid and Barrier Restore Cream to provide a softer and smoother feel. This step makes Bieber's makeup application later on a lot easier. 

Highlighter and bronzer give her makeup more definition

Unsurprisingly, Hailey Bieber's beauty routine is as chill as her style. She applies the Milk Makeup Future Fluid All Over Medium Coverage Hydrating Concealer to any problem areas before blending with her fingers, as the model detailed in her YouTube beauty tutorial. Bieber also shared that she goes in with another concealer in a darker shade to add some color to her face.

Bieber noted that she uses both a highlighter and bronzer to give her look more definition, too. The Rhode founder explained that she "bronzes up" her face with the Westmand Atelier Lit Up Glow Highlighter Stick in the shade Brûlée. "[When applying highlighter,] I like to just go on the cheeks, over the nose, around the hairline, chin, neck, all those spots," Bieber said. 

For extra definition, she also blends in her bronzer and blush (Simihaze's Solar Tint blush duo in Red Moon, FYI), spreading it generously across her cheeks. "Sometimes I just put [the bronzer] onto a brush," the model added. "I kind of wipe some of it off and then I go in just to warm up my face." 

Bieber effortlessly ties her minimalist look together

Skin prepped and bronzed, Hailey Bieber makes sure to give her brows and lashes some love for date night. The Anastasia Strong Hold Clear Brow Gel is the holy grail of the eyebrow grooming industry and regularly tops the list of best brow gels in the beauty game (via Byrdie). 

After a second appearance from Rhode's Peptide Glazing Fluid and Marc Jacobs' highlighter Glow Stick Glistening Illuminator, Bieber curls her lashes before applying Milk Makeup's Kush High Volumizing Mascara (via YouTube). Setting powder brings her whole look together and keeps everything in place. Bieber also revealed, "I do add a little bit of powder in the places where I feel like it needs to be sealed in." 

The model didn't mention what her go-to setting powder is, but bareMinerals' iconic black casing makes an appearance in the video so their classic Finishing Powder could be the one. To get kissable lips before she meets her husband, Rhode's Peptide Lip Treatment in Salted Caramel comes in handy and is the perfect finishing touch.