How To Recreate Kate Middleton's Sold Out Christmas Earrings

A well-found gift can make anybody feel special, which is why every holiday season, people around the world scour department store shelves looking for an item that they know will be a hit with a loved one.

It's fun to imagine William, Prince of Wales, incognito in a wig and sunglasses, browsing the aisles of Harrods for his wife Catherine, Princess of Wales, but the royal family probably has people to do that for them. Still, the royals don't need to appear in a store themselves to cause a stir during the holiday season. It's practically a tradition at this point that when Kate wears a new clothing item or accessory off the racks it becomes a coveted item. This year, her Christmas gift from Prince William was no exception.

Kate wore a new pair of earrings thought to have been given to her by her husband as she went for the royal annual Christmas walk to church at the Sandringham Estate. Called the "Dina Earrings" in ocean blue, the jewelry is offered by the brand Sézane for $130. Upon her debut of the gold-plated coin earrings, the pair quickly sold out. Fret not, however, because we've found a few fabulous dupes.

Dupe the Princess of Wales' Dina Earrings

It is safe to say that Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales, has a taste for earrings. She has frequently stunned in the late Princess Diana's jewelry, and her jewelry choices have often been thought to reflect her inner feelings, including a pair of earrings that may have hinted at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's interview with Oprah. The defining elements of Kate's Christmas earrings are their gold-plated hardware, coin studs, and four strands of dangling blue beads. Depending on your preferences, you might favor the coin studs and not the dangling strands, or vice versa. We have found a few options that emphasize different features depending on what you like best. 

Should you be looking for the decadence of the original earrings, this pair from Etsy features a chunky gold-plated chain earring with a statement, labradorite stone for under $50.

Another pair from Etsy features a labradorite stone in a gold frame, with three matching, dangling beads, for about $70.

Overall, we think that this dupe from Sundance is the perfect middle-ground between all of the features of the Sézane Dina Earrings. Featuring a delicate gold-filled hoop and four dangling blue beads, which are quite similar to the color palette of Kate's pair, these may be more understated than the original, but no less pretty. They sell for $128.