Versace Items That Are And Aren't Worth The Money

Versace is an iconic brand that has become synonymous with luxury. Founded in Milan in 1978 by Gianni Versace, the brand has evolved but stood the test of time, with its distinctive Medusa logo remaining an international symbol of extravagance. However, purchasing items from high-end brands like Versace can confuse those wanting to start the new year in style. So how do you ensure you get the most value for your money? Amanda Wood, a New York-based personal stylist and CEO of The Haute Edit, told The List that when navigating the world of luxury brands, there are three tips you should follow. 


Firstly, Wood says you should consider an item's long-term appeal and "always look for timeless pieces in timeless colors; for these are the pieces that will increase in value, give you a great cost per wear and stand the test of time." Secondly, the fashion expert recommends avoiding pieces that have been heavily faked. "Sadly, counterfeiting will immediately decrease the value of your once beautiful item," cautions Wood. Lastly, purchase wardrobe staples. "Buy the essentials; these are the pieces such as a proper trench coat, a great blazer, or a beautiful satchel bag that will stay in your wardrobe for years and years to come," Wood told The List.

If you've always wanted to shop at Versace but don't know where to start, we've asked fashion experts to guide you through the latest collection. Here's a list of what's worth your hard-earned cash and what's not.


Worth it: Yellow Diamond Eau De Toilette Fragrance

Even though inexpensive perfumes will do the job, buying a luxury fragrance will keep you feeling fresh and smelling great for much longer. So whether you wear perfumes every day or on special occasions, Versace's Yellow Diamond Fragrance is well worth the investment. For just $85, this eau de toilette is advertised as "reminiscent of the magical, warm feeling of the sun on the skin and the intoxicating light of summer sunsets" via Versace


Jeffrey Ampratwum, Professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology, told The List that this Versace item is not be overlooked by lovers of floral scents. "This fragrance proves to have subtle notes while still appearing luxurious. Every woman should own at least one Versace fragrance in her bathroom, and for this price, it is a great buy," says Ampratwum. Luxury personal stylist Amanda Wood agrees, "This is a lovely scent," says Wood. "It has been around for over 10 years and smells like spring flowers". So if you are sold on the idea of being transported on a sunny spring day, this may be the best value Versace item.

Not worth it: Pink Rolled velvet mini dress

Although Versace's rolled velvet mini dress looks like a fun formal one that oozes Paris Hilton vibes, it's not worth spending $2,525. Instead, you can achieve a similar look with an inexpensive velvet dress from retail chains like Poshmark or Forever 21 and then accessorize your look with high-end pieces if your goal is to achieve a more chic look. Fashion expert Jeffrey Ampratwum has this dress on his not worth it list because "half-sleeve dresses are not at their best in fluorescent colors."


If you spend a large amount of money on a dress, you don't want it to be such a memorable one, and this pink dress looks like the type you post on social media once and then never wear again because it's hard to forget. The fashion experts say it's best to splash your cash on a more versatile dress; that's why luxury stylist Amanda Wood does not consider this a must-have Versace item. "The color is on trend, but this type of velvet is hard to look luxe," says Wood.

Worth it: Black Leather Biker Jacket

When purchasing from Versace, fashion stylists recommend buying classic items that you can wear for years to come. According to fashion expert Amanda Wood, when browsing the Versace catalog, you should choose iconic pieces, "either to the Gianni Versace area or prints that are iconic to Versace, or purchase timeless items in more classic colors." For those wishing to buy classic, versatile items, Wood says the Versace moto jacket would "fit into many different wardrobes."


With a price tag of $5,250, this black jacket is not cheap but worth it. Its outer layer is crafted from 100% grained goat leather with the subtle Medusa logo on the silver accents that make it luxurious. If you want a stylish and relaxed look with a leather jacket, pair it with a sweater and mini skirt or your favorite pair of jeans.

The good news is that although you will be wearing this warm moto jacket for a long time, according to Vogue, leather jackets have been "all the rage" for the past few seasons. As a result, the moto jacket is still very much on trend, featuring on the 2022 runway of designers like Luis Vuitton, Saint Laurent, and Miu Miu.

Not worth it: Versace Mini Bags

Most women struggle to fit all their on-the-go items into big handbags, so it's safe to say you won't regret not purchasing a mini bag for over $1,000. Amanda Wood, a personal stylist for minimalist luxury for over a decade, says another reason you can skip the mini bag is that it "goes in and out of trend so quickly."


Versace's Greca Goddess Clutch, priced at $1,925, and the La Medusa mini bag, priced at $1,525, are two items the fashion experts say are not worth buying. Creative director and fashion photographer Lisa Haukom says Versace's La Medusa mini bag is not worth the purchase because it's "far too small to be practical and unless you are very petite, the proportions of this bag are all wrong."

According to fashion expert Jeffrey Ampratwum, who has also launched his luxury bespoke shoe and handbag company, the Greca Goddess clutch is another mini bag you can skip based on its aesthetic. "The red/pink along with gold accessories rings are not the best combination in this bag," notes Ampratwum.

Worth it: La Medusa Belt

Belts often are an overlooked fashion accessory, only valued for their functionality to hold up clothing or add shape to your frame. However, according to Vogue, the "era of the unnecessary belt looks to be on its way back." So when shopping for a quality belt, you want one that is practical and can be worn in different ways but also communicates a fashion message. Enter the La Medusa leather belt, and this one is set to be the rockstar accessory in your wardrobe. You can wear it with a dress or your favorite pair of pants.


This Versace statement piece is made in Italy from high-quality leather and embellished with a three-dimensional Medusa buckle that whispers sophistication. Originally $475, another reason to purchase this belt is that it has been reduced to $332. "The Medusa belt is a great warm-colored accessory to add to your wardrobe," says fashion professor Jeffrey Ampratwum. "The logo is more subtle than other brands," Stylist Amanda Wood is also a fan of the neutral tone. "A great color that will go with many different looks and with the iconic medusa of Versace," Wood told The List.

Not worth it: Logo Orchid Pleated Skirt

The pleated skirt originated in ancient Egypt and was an upper-class status symbol (via Harper's Bazaar). Today, this wardrobe staple is well-loved by royal Kate Middleton, now known as Catherine Princess of Wales. Although the pleated skirt remains a relevant sartorial choice for those wanting to pull off a chic and glamorous look, not all pleated skirts were designed equally, and Versace's logo orchid pleated skirt seems to miss the mark. The skirt's color pattern is too busy, and its cut makes it difficult to match with other wardrobe items. For $2,095, fashion expert Amanda wood says it's safe to give this one a miss.


Fashion expert Jeffrey Ampratwum is also not a fan of this Versace piece. "The floral pleated skirt is cut on the bias and may not pair well with any footwear. Boot or shoes," say Ampratwum.

If your heart is still set on purchasing a pleated skirt, take a leaf out of Princess Catherine's style book and opt for more solid colors and a straight hem, making your outfit easier to style.

Worth it: Frayed Tweed Blazer

Fashion expert Lisa Haukom believes that our post-pandemic world has made us more thoughtful about the pieces we add to our wardrobes. "Not only do they need to be timeless and elegant, but they also need to be comfortable and pull double duty," says Haukoum. That's why Haukom recommends Versace's versatile frayed tweed blazer.


Originally $3,875, this single-breasted blazer is on sale for $1,937, and it takes you from an elegant day look to a more formal night look. "The blazer is a beautiful houndstooth that is a classic print," says Stylist Amanda Wood. "The oversized cut is fun and has been on trend for years now and can be easily dressed up or down," she adds.

Haukom says this blazer is an excellent choice if you like to elevate any look and want a jacket that will pair well with your favorite jeans. "The texture and houndstooth pattern make this feel more special and less corporate than a simple black blazer. The big shoulders are a bonus," she adds.

Not worth it: Spiked Tweed Long Coat

Finding the perfect winter coat can be overwhelming, especially since during the long cold winter days, there are times when all people see are your outerwear. So when searching for that perfect winter coat, you want both stylish and comfortable. "The versatility of the coat is what makes it a key investment piece," Bojana Sentaler, the founder of Canadian outerwear brand Sentaler told Town & Country. "Especially as a luxury purchase because you can wear it with many different outfits for many different occasions," says Sentaler.


Although Versace's spiked tweed long coat is a quality item, we love it. However, the style is limiting and needs to be more classic to justify the $7,650 price tag. "The silhouette of this coat and dark colors should not be designed together," says fashion expert Jeffrey Ampratwum. "The coat portrays more of a goth look than it does of luxury," he adds. So if you want to channel your inner Wednesday Adams for a long time, go for it, but if you are looking for value for your money and a more versatile coat, give this one a miss.

Worth it: Black Virtus Tote Bag

Luxury tote bags are the stylish way to travel with all your daily supplies, taking you from the office to after-work drinks; a good tote can be your on-the-go bestie. But how do you find the right one? When looking for a classic tote, you should look for a soft, versatile bag that you'll love for years to come. It has to match your personal style but also stand the test of time. According to Fashion and lifestyle brand expert Lisa Haukom, Versace's Virtus tote fits the bill. "It's a gorgeous, classic, timeless tote for the price," says Haukom. "The embossed leather and lining make this feel far more elevated than a standard leather tote and in this case, the pretty lining is on display for all to admire!"


If you are someone that loves minimalism and is creating a time capsule wardrobe, then spending $1,250 on this black chic bag is a great investment. "It's a beautiful tote, with a minimal logo and timeless color, and will go with so many looks," Amanda Wood, an expert in minimalist style, told The List. 

Not worth it: Medusa Wide Leg Jeans

Most women will spend a lot of money on the right pair of jeans. They are the much-loved wardrobe staple we can not get enough of, but finding the right ones is often a mission. The number one rule of shopping for jeans is that style trumps trends, which means you need to find a pair that flatters your body type and both feel and look good. "When you try on jeans, sit down in them too, make sure they feel comfortable," says deputy editor and fashion features director of British Vogue, Sarah Harris.


Although fashion expert Amanda Wood says Versace's Medusa wide-leg jeans are "very on trend right now," she says these are a trend item you can skip. Reduced from $925 to $462, these are not the most flattering jeans for most women. "The puddle pant length is only flattering on a slimmer, straight-cut pant," says fashion and lifestyle photographer Lisa Haukom. "Sadly, these miss the mark with too much of a good thing – wide leg and length. Way too much fabric here to be practical. Imagine how heavy they must be to walk in!" adds Haukom. These Versace jeans are unflattering if you are a curvy woman. Instead, you should look for "something that is going to hold you in and make you feel like you're going to be able to go throughout your day without ending up with a saggy butt," Los Angeles-based stylist Kat Eves told Today.


Worth it: '90s vintage logo and red cat-eye sunglasses

Sunglasses are a well-loved accessory; they offer protection from the sun, and a nice pair of vintage luxury shades can make you look and feel like a glamorous movie star. The perfect beach and lunch date accessory, Versace's vintage sunglass collection offers a range of luxury items in a variety of designs that are worth the cost. Fashion expert Jeffrey Ampratwum says the '90s vintage logo sunglasses for $276 are worth the splurge. "These vintage shades are to be paired with a vintage belt. They are great quality and decent for their price!" says Ampratwum.


Meanwhile, luxury stylist Amanda Wood recommends Versace's '90s vintage logo cat-eye glasses for a fun vibe. "The '90s are very in. They are a great color, and the cat eye looks fabulous on many face shapes," says Wood.

Creative director Lisa Haukom recommends purchasing luxury accessories if you have a primarily classic wardrobe. "With most of my wardrobe leaning toward classics, shoes, jackets, and sunnies are where I love to splurge," says Haukom, who also recommends purchasing Versace's cat-eye sunglasses for $345. Versace's red sunglasses are a great statement piece, and you can perfectly pair them with a striped bathing suit for a French girl look.

Not worth it: Spiked Tweed Blazer

Historically reserved for men until the mid-1920s when Coco Chanel incorporated tweed into her collection for women, the tweed jacket has become an iconic signature Chanel luxury item, according to Marie Claire. So why buy a Versace single-breasted blazer tweed blazer when you can buy a Chanel one? Although this $4,875 Versace piece is beautifully made with textured tweed and metallic accents. The round neckline and trims have a very Chanel feel, and the last thing you want to do when splurging on a luxury Versace item is wear something that looks like an imitation of another high-end brand. 


That's why creative director Lisa Haukom says you can skip this Versace piece. "I love a good lady jacket, but this one isn't special enough for the hefty price tag," says Haukom. " If you are going to splurge on this style coat, save your money for a vintage Chanel or go for the more affordable JCrew interpretation," she adds.